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Triptych Canvas Wall Prints

All our images are available to buy as triptych canvas art. A triptych – pronounced ‘trip-tick’ – is an art print that is divided into three sections that hang on your wall next to each other, also known as ‘Split Frame Pictures’ or ‘3 part canvas prints’. These multi panel canvas prints are truly impressive and provide a contemporary feel to any living room they hang in. Ideally they suit rooms with large wall spaces for the full effect.

At Fotoviva we’re well known for the quality of our canvas prints and this extends to our triptych canvases too. Our team of professional canvas makers take a lot of care and attention to detail when making each triptych wall art, ensuring print quality is as good as it gets and the canvas is finished off in a professional manner. Our split panel canvas prints look incredible and make for a really impressive focal point for your interior design.

Each frame panel of the triptych canvas has a fitting to hang the section on your walls and will require a screw or nail to hang from. We print our triptych canvas art with the gallery wrap effect so the image has a continuous feel to it but we can also just print on the face of the canvas if you prefer – just let us know in advance if you would like this option.

Split Canvas Prints

As standard our triptych canvas art prints are offered in 24 x 34″ size for most artwork in our online gallery. This size is for the overall 3 part wall art. If you would like one of our images printed as a triptych canvas of a size to suit your room then please contact us and we can give you our best price. These multi panel canvas prints cost more to print as they are supplied on 3 boxed canvases and require more skill and time to put together. We can make the triptychs into 3 sections of the same width or one main canvas section with 2 narrower side panels – it’s up to you!

Not only do we offer single canvas prints and triptych canvases but we can also print any photo in as many sections as you like! Fancy a 4 part canvas design? Five? Six? Just let us know your desired style and we’ll work out our best price. When you buy split canvas prints from Fotoviva you get the best quality and customer service.

If you are unsure how one of our images will look as a triptych canvas, just get in touch with us and we’ll create a mockup of it and email it to you. That way you get a clearer indication of how the picture will look as a set of three canvas prints.

We suggest hanging each canvas section with around 2-4 inches between them for full effect, but this is really down to the size of the triptych wall art and your personal preference. Read our Guide to Hanging Split Canvas Prints for further help. As long as the photograph is not separated too much and the image flows nicely across the triptych canvas art you should be fine. TIP: try placing the split canvas prints on the floor first to try different panel gaps.

How about a triptych canvas from your own photo?

Why not get a personalised triptych canvas from one of your own pictures! We all have some great photographs of holidays, pets and family so bring them to life with our triptych canvas printing service. We can print your photo as a triptych canvas in whatever size you need, and can guide you on the maximum size triptych print your photograph can be printed at if needed. For more information about having your own images printed on canvas please visit our Photos to Canvas page.

With hundreds of tasty photographic art images in the Fotoviva Collection, you can be sure of finding the perfect triptych wall canvas for your interior design.

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