Stuart Loch

The photographic work of Stuart Loch encompasses a wide range of subject material and that’s something we particularly like about his porfolio.

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Audi RS4

A stunning dramatic mono shot of one of Audi's top range cars. The Audi RS4 is the best performing version

Masai Mara Tree Sunrise

Sometimes you have to get up early to capture that magical photograph but rarely is it at 5am out of

Panthera Leo

Panthera Leo is the scientific name given to the lion family of big cats. They are the tallest of all

Red Petals

A wonderfully lit flower photograph showing a lot of fine detail in the textures and curves of the subject. Photography

Rose Droplet

This floral art picture shows a single water drop at the heart of the beautiful rose. Delicate and soft with

The Elephant

This art print is a popular shot of this huge, powerful creature and is available in the square format as

The Farmers Field

This fine art print was taken at dusk on an early Autumn evening. The photograph shows wonderfully intense colours in

The Old Elephant

This portrait photograph of an old elephant was taken at a salt lick in the tree tops of Kenya. The

The Showered Flower

Subtle lighting and a nice depth of field help make this flower print a really nice floral picture. The dark

The Sun Is Shining

Sunflowers are thus named because of their shape and colour which has been used to represent the sun, with their

The Yellow Tulip

This floral art print shows a beautiful yellow tulip set against a clean white background. Simple yet striking. Photography by

Woodland Path

A beautiful autumnal landscape print showing an avenue of majestic trees following a quiet path that meanders into the hazy