Richard Burdon

My work is a mixture of both colour and monochrome landscape photographs, plus a selection of creative images of the natural world which express artistic impressions of the subject.

I am a big believer that artistically less is more and feel that the minimalist nature of my images transcends photography and moves into the realm of fine art.

From time to time we all say “I can’t see the wood for the trees”, but can we really see? We live in a beautiful land, but few of us rarely actually see and appreciate this beauty. My photography is dedicated to the art within the landscape. For me, the stark simplicity of a lone tree in a field of snow is a work of art itself.

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Dawn Light, Whitby

The colourful light of a winter dawn illuminates Whitby pier and the cliffs towards Saltwick Bay in Yorkshire. The ruins

Greymare Dawn – Dunstanburgh

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Safe Haven, Loch Ard

This wall print shows a very tranquil scene as the early morning sun burns through the mist on Loch Ard