Paulo Lopes

Seascapes are a favourite of both home-owners and Paulo. His mesmerising artwork captures the beauty of coastal areas around his native country Portugal. Seeing these images printed on canvas or acrylic really makes them come to life.

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Behind The Sun

This stunning seascape print features a wonderful sunset over Adraga’s Beach at the Sintra Natural Park in Portugal. This print

Blueberry Beach

Another dramatic seascape photograph showing waves crashing over a black vulcanic origin beach sand, balanced with a very dramatic sky


A black and white look over a very thorny cactus showing the sharp lines and detail. This contemporary art print

Dream Searching

A stunning colour sunset over a wild, rocky beach at Sintra Natural Park. This seascape artwork is available in a


This seascape photograph shows some wave action set against a beautiful sunset at Ursa beach, Sintra Natural Park in Portugal.

Fresh Red

This macro photography print shows the morning dew on a fresh red rose. The short depth of field focuses the

Into Horizon

This seascape photograph shows a very peaceful long exposure at sunset, as the sky turns to a pink glow over


A colourful juvenile Kingfisher (Alcedo Althis) perches on a branch in a classic portrait of this beautiful bird. Kingfishers live

Life Forms

This art print shows strange tree formations on a foggy dawn at Peninha, Sintra Natural Park in Portugal. Available printed

Little Owl

A beautiful portrait of a young owl perched on a brick wall showing the big yellow eyes staring back at


This seascape photographic art print shows the waves crashing into the shore as the sun falls down over Mosteiros Beach

Painted Cape

A very long exposure painted windy skies of Cape Raso, Sintra Natural Park in Portugal. This art print from Paulo's

Sea of Dreams

Just look at those colours. Sunsets produce a vivid array of hues that can magically transform a scene, and this

Stone Giants

A stunning seascape image with wonderful colours and detail, taken one morning along the Sintra Cascais coastline of Portugal. Colourful

Sweet Surrender

A wave crashes sofly into a paradise shorebreak as the tide gets lower on this Portuguese coastline. Available to buy

The Giant

This Seascape art features the Giant Stone at Ursa's beach, Sintra Natural Park. The unique rock formation defies the constant

The Giant's Glow

Paulo Lopes has produced some incredible seascape photography over the years for us at Fotoviva Art Prints and this shot

Vasco Da Gama Sunset

Long panoramic wall prints are a perfect way to show the huge expanses of landscapes and the longest bridge in


This is a stunning piece of seascape photographic work taken in Portugal early one morning and shows a wonderful deep