Martyn Starkey

Photography is a big passion for Martyn and that shows in his imagery. He loves to create visually impressive art with his own post-processing which adds a layer of enhanced colour to his work.

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As Time Goes By

A beautiful lone tree stands amidst a corn field in a typical English countryside scene. The almost silver clouds compliment


A typical English farmers field with a springtime ploughed field and a lone tree about to burst into life, the

Ashes of the Night

This enchanting woodland art print is simply magical. Sunlight bursts through the trees and lights up the forest floor with

Blue Yonder

A stunning bluebell wood scene that's perfect for a lounge or bedroom wall. You can just imagine walking through the

Breaking Through

The wall print shows another enchanting forest scene with the sunlight breaking through the trees and illuminating the dark forest


A stunning art print with rich golden tones that bathe the landscape in a surreal colour. The path through the


Homeward is a lovely textured photographic print showing a solitary tree standing on a hill with a flock of birds

La Rouge

This creative art print has a painted effect created through the post processing, although originally a photograph. The full and

Magical Light

This stunning piece of wall art shows the magical light that can be found early in the morning. The sunrise

Roll Away

A lovely Earthy landscape print showing a field of straw hay bales stretching out into the distance. The warm tones

Round the Bend

The beautiful avenue of Lime trees which line the public access road through Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. At different times

The Brown Dirt Path

Shot in a rural location in the Doncaster region of England, this hdr photographic art piece depicts a Rape Seed

The Dreamer

This wonderful fine-art print features some beautiful processing to create an old faded photograph style. The wheat field shows a


Rustic brown and green tones cover this fine-art print showing a field in this landscape panoramic scene. This image is


A truly magical atmosphere has been created with the sepia toning and elegant composition of this horse portrait that shows