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Autumn Dreams

Autumn brings about a change in the landscape scenery and with it some beautiful colours in the trees as the

Autumn Sunburst

A beautiful autumnal landscape scene showing a bed of golden-brown leaves fallen from the tree. The sun bursts through the

Clover Dew Drop

An intimate photograph of a clover leaf as you've never seen one before! A single drop of early morning dew

Cobweb Tears

A very detailed macro photograph showing the delicate water drops that hang from a spider's cobweb. The shallow depth of

Daisy Dew

A beautiful yellow daisy hangs on to a drop of fresh morning dew which shows a reflection of another flower

Daisy Reflections

This beautiful art print shows the reflection of two daisies in the water drop that has formed on the dandelion

Dandelion Drop

Another wonderfully detailed piece of macro photography by Lynette Evans showing a single drop of water sitting atop a fragile

Dandelion Seed

A dainty dandelion stem holds a collection of drops of dew in this beautiful art print. If you look closely

Floral Serenity

The reflection of a nearby daisy is caught in the water droplet that rests on this flower's stamen. This macro

Free Spirit

This wonderful macro print shows a delicate dandelion which has found itself home to some drops of water that hang

Glasswing Butterfly

The Glasswing butterfly is an amazing piece of natural beauty – it actually has transparent wings. Take a close look

In Flight

A stunning photograph that brilliantly captures a graceful swan as it comes in to land on the river. In flight

Malachite Butterfly

The malachite butterfly is named after the mineral malachite, which is similar in color to the bright green on the

On Golden Pond

A dandelion seed holds onto a few water droplets as it hangs above the water surface. The fine detail and

Pink Bubbles

Another in the dandelion and water droplets series by Lynette Evans, this time with a pink champagne background colour and

Roses Are Blue

A stunning piece of modern art set on a black background showing a rose that has had a fractal type

Rudbeckia Dance

A beautiful floral print showing the classic Rudbeckia flower in all its glory. The wonderful bright colours make this an

Star Drops

Utterly mesmerising! Star Drops is a charming piece of macro art that brings us into the wondrous world of the


Another beautiful piece of macro photography by Lynette Evans. The sunlit dandelion seed and raindrops are reflected in the still

The Drifter

A solitary water droplet rests upon a bed of purple petals as they float on the still water surface. Reflections

Whisper White

This stunning piece of art shows a bead of water resting upon the stamens of a daisy flower. The white