Kathy White

Kathy’s photographic experiences started underwater several years ago whilst living on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand. After moving back to England, the cold UK waters were not as appealing as the warm, tropical ones she was used to so she took up landscape photography to keep her photography skills up to date in between overseas dive trips.

This rapidly became just as much of a passion as underwater. Her love for the ocean has had a huge influence on her land photography; you will often find her out photographing the dramatic coastline of the UK.

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Bluebell Fern

Another beautiful bluebell wood scene featuring a fern plant in the midst of the blue and green sea. The sunlight

Deep Blue

This seascape print shows a scene of the Jurassic coast in Kimmeridge, Dorset. The twilight creates a deep blue tonal

Distant Storm

An old lighthouse looks out across the sea at a distant storm from Kimmeridge. The glistening sea-smoothed boulders on the

I Dream of Bluebells

A forest of bluebells spread throughout the ancient wood and into the distance in this photographic art piece. Sunlight breaks

Jagged Edge

Kimmeridge offers some jagged rock edges along the shoreline and this black and white print captures them in a lovely

Lilac Walkway

As the last rays of daylight disappear behind the horizon it creates a lilac toned seascape picture in the twilight.

Mirrored Storm

This panorama print shows the atmospheric and sometimes stormy mountainous region of Ratagan in the Highlands of Scotland. The reflections

Moss on the Rocks

The sunset brings with it a wonderful colour to this seascape print that shows the huge rocks on the seashore

Peaceful II

A simple yet beautifully tranquil seascape print showing the horizon splitting up the clear blue sky and calm waters of

Pink and Purple

This seascape print shows a wonderful range of colours as the pinks of the sunset reflects across the sandy beach

Right at Home

The clownfish is now one of the cutest fish in the sea thanks to the Pixar Animation Studios box office

Sea Anemone

Although Sea Anemones are not a flower but in fact a relative of the jellyfish and named after the anemone

Sea Anemone II

Although they look like it, Sea Anemones are not a flower but in fact a relative of the jellyfish and

Sea of Bluebells

Another wonderful piece of landscape photography by Kathy White showing a sea of bluebells stretching across the floor of an

Stormy Sunset

A storm simmers out across the sea in the distance as the sun begins to set over Kimmeridge bay in

Tranquil Lines

Another view across the sea at Selsey in Chichester with the beautiful lilac and blue tones creating a truly peaceful

Tranquility II

Simple, beautiful and peaceful, this photographic work shows the horizon splitting the water and sky of the seascape in Selsey,