John Woodworth

John Woodworth is a highly regarded semi-professional photographer from St Albans in England. We have been representing John’s great work for several years now and his landscape photography produces some stunning imagery that captures the emotions of the places, from Italian landscapes in the mist to lighthouses on the shore.

As well as being available for sale as wall art at Fotoviva, his images can be found on many of the top picture libraries including Getty Images, Robert Harding World Imagery and iStockphoto. This is testament to the quality of his work which really does look great printed and hung on the wall. Here is John’s photography portfolio.

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Autumn in Grasmere

This beautiful print shows the colourful tones of Autumn in the trees that line the banks of Grasmere Lake in

Blue Reeth

Reeth is a small town in the Yorkshire Dales within the Richmondshire district of North Yorkshire. It is situated at

Bluebell Sunrise

The sun gently rises and beams through the ancient landscape, casting a warm glow across the bluebell wood. The sea

Bluebell Walk

This landscape print shows a simple path winding its way through a peaceful bluebell wood in Buckinghamshire. This is a

Cedar View

An old Italian farmhouse stands on a cedar tree lined hill in the peaceful Pienza region of Tuscany. Fields of

Derwent Dream

This relaxing art print shows Derwent Water in the Lake District, Cumbria in an early morning scene. A tranquil almost

Desert Life

A lone stump of grass shows the only sign of life on a sand dune in Morocco. This superb image

Fire Flower

This print by John Woodworth has wonderful rich colours with its soft-focus effect. The petals resemble flames and create an

Morning Lights

Layers of colour tones sweep across the landscape of Northumberland in this photographic print taken at sunrise. Photography by John

Moroccan Sunset

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in North Africa with a population of nearly 34 million. This

Old Cuba

A classic looking car that fits in nicely with the old style Cuban architecture and streets. Chrome grille and bumpers

Old Havana

Old Havana, (La Habana Vieja in Spanish), contains the core of the original city of Havana and is the richest

Orange Flower

This beautiful macro flower picture is by John Woodworth. The detail in the yellow and orange of the stamen are

Penmon Point Lighthouse

Penmon is a small village on the south-east tip of the Isle of Anglesey in Wales that was virtually destroyed

Sahara Lines

Wind shaped sand dunes adorn the vast desert that is the Sahara which is the world's largest hot desert and

The Closing of the Day

A stunning seascape art print showing beautiful colours across the sky as the sunset brings the day to a close

Tuscan Dawn

Tuscany (known as Toscana in Italian) is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. It is a large area

Tuscan Fields

The peaceful, golden, rustic countryside of Pienza in Tuscany welcomes in a fresh morning full of colourful Italian delight. An

Tuscan Landscape

Tuscany is an incredibly beautiful region of Italy. The mountains and valleys create a breathtaking landscape full of cedar trees