Eyal Zarrad

Eyal Zarrad is a landscape photographer based in Israel who started shooting film many years ago but now, like many of us, shoots only digital. He travels the world but having been to the UK several times, he feels very fond with the views it has to offer and thus has a large collection of photos taken here. Eyal currently uses Canon cameras with their lenses complemented by a set of professional Lee Filters.

Eyal’s work is displayed mainly in web galleries which receive a lot of positive feedback, and has also appeared in the ‘City Portrait’ project held by his hometown museum. His selection of photos in our collection is testament to how he ensures each picture has a high degree of quality and inspiration, making for perfect wall art.

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Calmness by the sea

Another beautiful photograph by Eyal Zarrad, captured on a calm winter day on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. As

Fishing at Sunrise

This print is a beautiful capture showing some early morning fishermen enjoying the peace and quiet of the shoreline as

Just Before Night Sets In

A set of boats docked side by side at the marina ready for the night to take over. Still waters

London Orange Sunset

Dramatic skies and orange sunset colours over Westminster, Big Ben and the River Thames. The Houses of Parliament dominate this

Rocky Beach at Twilight

Looking almost like the surface of the moon, this wonderful rocky beach offers crystal clear water pools contrasted with the

The Last Rays

The clouds are beautifully illuminated by the setting sun in Hertzelyia, Israel. This fine-art print is available as acrylic, canvas

Tower Bridge

This art print shows the stunning landmark that is Tower Bridge in London, illuminated by the lighting just after the