Ann Garrett

Ann lives in the UK and discovered her passion for photography and digital art once she bought her first digital camera. She fuses digital art with her photographs to create beautiful imagery that inspires her passion for nature. Monet and Turner are her inspirations and she creates a modern twist to these which she has had published in various media such as books, calendars and cd covers. Below you can find her portfolio at Fotoviva.

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Dandelion Frost

From under a camera's macro lens you can find much natural beauty that the naked eye cannot see. This floral

Deep Sea Fractal

Another modern digital art creation ideal for contemporary home design. This print resembles a futuristic jellyfish or maybe a Native

Distant Mountains

This exceptional wall print shows a breathtaking panoramic view across a mountainous landscape shrouded in low-level mist. A hot air

Double Sunflowers

A textured photographic flower print displaying the beautiful sunflowers standing in a glass vase. Looking very much like a painted

Into The Bluebells

A small path winds it's way through a sea of bluebells under the shade of the forest trees, taking you

Misty Peaks

A stunning digital creation showing a panorama landscape of misty mountains with a purple sunrise casting a serene glow across

Orchid Textures

Orchid's are one of the most popular plants for home owners but if you have trouble keeping them looking their

Pale Medallion

Another unique digital art creation with a fractal inspired theme. This piece of modern artwork offers swirls of light that

Rainbow Silks

This modern art print shows a wonderful flowing image of silky colours set against a black background. Beautiful curves and

Velvet Rose

This floral art print shows a beautiful rose with the picture focussed on the opening head which looks to have