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Shipping Wall Art Around The World

At Fotoviva Art Prints we offer free delivery within the UK for all our canvas prints and acrylic/poster art. The reason we do this is so our customers know the price they see is the final price, and they won't be hit by additional delivery costs just before paying. Thanks to a good relationship with a courier company we can keep delivery costs right down and this is reflected in our great value wall prints.

We do get visitors to our website coming from all over the world and we regularly ship print editions to many different countries such as Australia, USA, Spain and Italy to name but a few. For this the cost is not built in so we ask you to contact us with your order details before paying. Shipping can vary from country to country and also depends on what you want to order. Canvas art is fairly light compared to the acrylics so wouldn't cost as much. Size also comes into the equation as the shipping companies often base their rates on the surface dimensions, so a small canvas will cost less than a large one. If you order poster prints these are sent in strong carboard poster tubes which do not cost so much to ship so please bear this in mind. If you want to order a canvas picture and you know someone who can frame it we can just send you the printed roll of canvas in a tube which can then be framed later – this will reduce the costs.

When sending several pieces of wall art abroad we can reduce the cost of shipping by sending them together, so when you order more than one print you will be getting a better deal. With large orders we can also offer a discount on the print costs to further save you money – this applies to UK orders too. Contact us on this page with your order requirements and we can work out a shipping cost and special discount if applicable.

We are here to help, so please phone or contact us and we can help you with your print order. We can even advise on which pictures may work best in your rooms or whether a canvas print or acrylic would suit your decor best.

Here are a few prints we have in our vast collection that may interest you…

tim wallace landscape photography

Stuart Loch photography

Paulo Lopes photo art

Photography by Howard Goff

Jason Wickens photography

lavender photography workshop

kathy white sea pictures

tim wallace aston art