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NEW! Floating Acrylic Prints

printing photos on acrylic

It was only a few years ago that we launched the brilliant acrylic print product. Since then it has become a very popular form of wall art and many other gallery stores have jumped on the bandwagon thanks to the great feedback we’ve been getting from our customers. Acrylic art prints have become popular not only with interior designers and professional photographers, but also homeowners and businesses.

So what is so great about acrylic prints?

How does acrylic wall art differ from other forms of printing such as canvases or framed prints? You’ll find when you see an acrylic print in real life it is something so fresh and funky compared to traditional picture framing. The clear acrylic panel produces a shiny effect which helps the printed image look really vivid and eye-catching. You’ll see natural light illuminating the picture from all sides of the acrylic panel, creating a wall print that naturally looks almost 3D in appearance.

close up acrylic print

Detail of floating acrylic print art

Floating acrylic prints

The design and look of prints on acrylic have changed over the years, evolving into the new product we have just launched – the floating acrylic print. We’re really pleased to introduce this new look acrylic and are sure you will find it the best style on the market, and at great prices too!

Originally our acrylic art prints were of the ‘sandwiched’ style. This meant after we printed the picture onto crystal archive photo paper it was then placed between two sheets of 5mm acrylic. Whilst this gave a good solid feel to the print it was also quite a heavy piece of wall art and required some heavy-duty wall fixings.

We then moved to the single sheet method which was lighter and more economical to produce and sell. After a while, we found we were having a few enquiries about the fixing studs that were used to fit the acrylic print to the wall. Some customers asked if they could be hung without the visible fixings. At Fotoviva we decided to do a survey with our customers and nearly 90% said they preferred the acrylics without visible fixings.

This brought us to the floating acrylic print style which we have just launched. After a few weeks testing various fixing brackets, we decided on the smaller frame which attaches to the back of the acrylic print. Thanks to the lack of visible fixings on the front of the artwork, the acrylic frame now appears to float off the wall! This also allows the image to breath more and not be distracted by the fixing studs.

Evolution is a great thing and we’re confident at Fotoviva we have the best acrylic print design available now. Add fantastic prices, great customer service and a unique collection of photographic artwork available and you have a winning team with us! Read more about our floating acrylic prints.

acrylic wall art print

Floating acrylic wall art showing the reflective nature of the photo print

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