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It’s a BRAND new era for Fotoviva!

We have just relaunched the Fotoviva brand with a great new look that brings us up to date with not only the branding style but also shop functionality. For the last few months we have been busy researching, developing and designing the new site and we hope you find it as beautiful and functional as we do.

We launched way back in 2006 in what seems like a very distant past. Since then we have evolved over the years, tweaking the store and improving how it works and how it looks. Then we came to a crossroads. The current system was beginning to creak and grumble under the stresses of what a modern online store should be like. It began complaining when we asked it to do more, so an executive decision was made to move the Fotoviva gallery onto a fresh new platform.

After looking into the various options we decided to use an ecommerce platform called Opencart. This is one of the most highly regarded systems out there right now and offered us the flexibilty and modern extensions our art store required. Working with a superb and very skilled developer, we created the store you see today. It’s cleaner, easier to use and looks absolutely top-drawer!

fotoviva art prints store

We weren’t just content to move the site to a new platform, oh no! If you’re going to do something, do it right. We have heavily customised the system to bring in some awesome features, such as the Pinterest styled category pages with infinite scroll. So all the images from a certain collection can now be viewed on a single page. Then we have what we like to call the ‘insitu image’ on the product page. So below the large picture of the image, there is an example image of how it would look hanging on a wall. Magic! The upload system for having your own images printed on acrylic or canvas is also improved, providing you with a preview of the photo you have sent us to ensure you have supplied the correct image.

With many more special features such as wishlists, accounts and image compares, we’re really looking forward to hearing how you are getting on with the new site. We’ve stepped into a brave new world but it’s a positive step forward which will keep us at the top of the game for a long time. Of course, we’re not just going to sit back and relax – there will be constant improvements, tweaks and new images to keep you guys happy!

Join us on our journey into the future with our brand new online gallery, we’re sure you’re going to love it!

The Fotoviva Team.

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