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A Big Update For Our Online Gallery

Fotoviva Art Prints

After what seems like forever in the Fotoviva team studio, we are proud to finally announce the arrival of our updated online gallery!

Time waits for no man they say, and this is also true for websites. They’re great for a while, but you find after a few years they need a total rebuild, so that’s what we’ve done! Our developers have moved the gallery to a new, more robust platform which features many new features that will help you browse through the image collections we have.

A lot of work has been done to improve the loading speed of each page. This has always been an issue with such an image-heavy type of website, but the speed freaks have fine-tuned the coding to ensure it loads as fast as possible.

It also enables us to add new artwork much easier, meaning our image collections will be increasing at a faster rate.

We have also launched the Fotoviva Art Prints Instagram account so please do follow us over there if you have your own Instagram page.

If you have any comments or issues with our new site please drop us a comment below. Otherwise, enjoy the artwork and remember, they make great gifts for Christmas!

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