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Photo of The Month – Fishing at Sunrise

eyal zarrad photography

Fishing at Sunrise

The latest Photo of the Month is a wonderful addition to our Seascape collection of prints by Eyal Zarrad called Fishing at Sunrise.

We have many beautiful seascape photographs for sale but this one has the human element with some fishermen enjoying the peace and quiet of the early morning shoreline which helps to add another dimension to the scene. We particularly like the stunning colours emerging with the dawning of the new day that has been captured so well.

A four-second exposure helped to create a softness to the waves as they lap against the rocks while the fishermen stand motionless against the colourful sky. A worthy winner which will look stunning on any wall and is available as a canvas print, acrylic mount or ready to frame poster art. To view the image larger and to order the print click the image above or find the page in our Seascape Collection.

We are getting well known for our stunning seascape prints and the range is constantly growing thanks to our team of dedicated photographers who love to get their feet wet! Here are some more wall prints we offer from Eyal Zarrad…

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Eyal Zarrad photography

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