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Photo of the Month – Loch Duich

loch duich photography poster print

Loch Duich poster art

Graham Cormie is our photographer who shot this beautiful panoramic image simply called Loch Duich. We haven’t chosen it as our photo of the month just because it is one of our best selling prints, but instead, it is it’s originality that sets it apart from similar pictures.

The gentle scene is as tranquil as they come – a few small boats floating on the still waters of Loch Duich in the Highlands of Scotland on an early morning. A mist hangs over the landscape, removing the background scenery and thus creating a simplified picture that focusses the eye on the important elements. The way the shoreline angles in from the left and fades out to the right works brilliantly. It’s like a mirrored panoramic scene where you can’t tell the difference between the mist-covered sky and the still lake waters.

Normally with wall prints of lakes you find them in colour or with red sunsets but this one has the dark lilac tone that brings a touch of elegance to the image. Available as a panoramic canvas print or a wide poster print, Loch Duich is a popular choice with homeowners looking for a relaxing piece of photographic art for their walls. It works particularly well in bedrooms, dining rooms or lounges.

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