Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month – Hopeman Dawn

Hopeman Elgin seascape canvas wall print

Hopeman Dawn wall print by Graham Cormie

This month’s Photo of the Month is the stunning Hopeman Dawn picture by Graham Cormie.

Not far from Elgin in the North East of Scotland you will find the small village of Hopeman which is home to a lovely harbour and two beaches. The area around Hopeman and Moray is a beautiful place and a favourite spot for photographers to visit thanks to the breathtaking scenery. The air is clear and the landscape rugged. Beautiful sunrises are commonplace in Hopeman and Graham has managed to capture this seascape image perfectly as the light from the new day rises over the rocky scene.

To create this silky look to the water Graham used a long exposure and sturdy tripod which works really well with a picture like this, making the rocks look like smooth wet boulders sitting in a calm sea. The colours are warm and the exposure spot on.

Our Photo of the Month winners are chosen not just because of the technical expertise used in creating the images, but because they also have an element of emotion and charm about them. Hopeman Dawn has this in bags and we love this art print! It has been available in Fotoviva Art Prints’ Seascape collection for a few years and has proved to be a popular choice with homeowners looking for a unique piece of wall art, whether it’s printed on canvas or as an acrylic print. We have printed it many times and always stand back and admire the picture before it’s ready to go out to the customer.

We have quite a few print editions by Graham Cormie and here is a selection of some of his other fine work…

Fields of Gold by Graham Cormie

The Golden Hour canvas wall art

Glenfinnen wall print

Glenfinnan photographic wall print

Loch Duich canvas art

Loch Duich canvas art

Graham Cormie photography

Bow Fiddle Rock photographic print

Daisy print by Graham Cormie

Daisy on Black wall art

Graham Cormie pictures

Sunrise at Collingston by Graham Cormie

We also have another print of Graham’s from Hopeman, this one is called Hopeman Beach and is similar in form to the featured image. We love both of them but if you are looking for a wall print of the Hopeman area then it’s down to your personal preference as to which is best! Of course, if you cannot decide you could always buy both wall prints and hang them in the same room for maximum impact!

Photos by Graham Cormie

Hopeman Beach photo print