Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month – Behind The Sun

Stunning seascape photo

Our Photo of the Month for June is this stunning seascape print by Paulo Lopes which was taken along the beautiful coastline of Portugal at the Sintra Natural Park. It is called Behind The Sun.

At Fotoviva Art Prints we have a large collection of seascape pictures from around the world and they all have their own unique charm and character. This image was chosen this month for its dramatic colours and panoramic style which suits being printed on canvas perfectly. We have a copy of this on our office wall and it looks simply stunning!

Paulo is one of our photographers who lives in Portugal (the other being Pedro Bento who also produces some lovely seascape art). He certainly has access to some incredible scenery and coastline – Portugal being famous for the jagged rocks which stand upon the golden sand beaches and reach out into the sea. Paulo has managed to capture this sunset picture looking into the sun by composing the shot with the sun behind the large rock which stops the light from flooding the scene. This helps to keep the foreground illuminated, providing nice detail in the main rocky section.

We love the almost 'alien world' feel to this photograph which shows just how beautiful our planet Earth can be. One of the things we try to convey with our images is the beauty of nature in our world, from breathtaking seascape images to landscapes that make you go "WOW!". The world is truly a place of natural beauty and it is our job to ensure it stays this way for future generations. If you live in a place of natural beauty why not go out with your camera and capture the moment forever. The world changes all the time and it's quite rewarding to capture moments in time.

Paulo Lopes has many more prints available on our gallery which we highly recommend, especially if you are a big fan of seascape pictures. Here are a few more of his stunning pictures…

Beach canvas print

into the horizon sea scape

Voyager Wall Art

Flux seascape canvas art

Mosteiros Portugal Beach

Beautiful portugal beach

We are very pleased to represent Paulo Lopes here at Fotoviva Art Prints and look forward to some new imagery from him in the near future. Until then, enjoy 'Behind The Sun'.