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Photo of the Month – Astrantia

Floral art by Jacky Parker

Astrantia… not a name most people would have heard of unless you have a good knowledge of flowers! The name comes from the Latin “aster” meaning star and refers to the open star-shaped floral leaves. Jacky Parker’s beautifully delicate Astrantia floral print is this month’s winner of our photo of the month.

The Astrantia flower is found across Europe and is more commonly known as great masterwort, with around 9 varieties known. Jacky has a wide range of her floral art prints available on our site and everyone seems to be a stunner. Using her macro lenses she captures the delicate beauty of the botanical flower world in a way which produces photographs that work perfectly as wall prints, whether printed on canvas or acrylic. The small depth of field and thought out composition creates wonderful art pictures from nature’s smallest world. Jacky shows us the finest details that we would otherwise be unable to see, from the opening buds to the artistic patterns on the leaves.

Here at Fotoviva, we love this floral print for the way it captures the delicate nature of the Astrantia. The pink and green colours are perfect and the out of focus flowers in the background help to bring attention to the main elements of the picture. A wonderful flower picture print which fully deserves to be an award-winner.

Any of Jacky Parker’s floral work would hang perfectly in a lounge, bedroom or dining area. Or how about buying one as a gift for your Mum? If you are looking for more Jacky Parker photographic work we have selected a few below, but you will find more in our flower gallery. or see her portfolio here.

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