New Photographer

Kathy White Joins Fotoviva

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We are very happy to announce the arrival of Kathy White to our photographic team. Kathy brings a collection of landscape and underwater images to the Fotoviva collection that will appeal to everyone.

Kathy lives in Hampshire and began specialising in underwater photography several years ago whilst living on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand. After moving back to England, the cold UK waters were not as appealing as the tropical ones so she took up landscape photography to keep her photography skills up to date in between overseas dive trips. Check out the wonderful bluebell prints in the Landscape Photography collection.

This rapidly became just as much of a passion as underwater. Her love for the ocean has had a huge influence on her land photography as can be seen by her many seascape prints which range from stormy scenes to calm and tranquil images.

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kathy white seascape wall print

Kathy has had her photo work published in various magazines and The Royal Photographic Society described her portfolio as “highly creative”. We wholeheartedly agree with that and look forward to more images from Kathy, whether they are underwater or on dry land!

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kimmeridge bay english channel kathy white

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