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Sometimes inspiring, sometimes downright jaw-dropping – wall art for the home is something everyone’s house needs. From beautiful framed art to wall canvas prints, there is a wealth of options out there which will produce a stunning change in your home decor.

The British public love their homes, whether they live in small cottages, terraced houses or big mansions. We tend to have a built in appreciation for interior design that’s done well. There are many popular TV shows such as Grand Designs, 60 Minute Makeover (of which Fotoviva Art Prints have been featured) and other home renovation programmes which are always on. We take pride in our homes and it doesn’t matter what our houses look like from the outside, when we step inside it can be a whole new world.

Whatever style of wall art collections you prefer, you can buy just about whatever you want these days thanks to the many online gallery stores. At Fotoviva we sell box canvas prints, acrylic wall art and fine art posters. That gives you plenty of options to choose from. When you find one of our fine art photography prints you really want, you can choose how you want it printed and what size to best suit your wall space. We can even print wall art in other non-standard sizes within reason.

Personalised Wall Art

The other option for wall art for your home is the personalised art prints. That’s right, send us your favourite photograph and we can print it in high quality as canvas wall art or an acrylic print. So now you can enjoy those great memories more often and have them hanging on your walls. Of course they make for superb gift ideas too – you could get a piece of personalised wall art for each of your family at Christmas! Order several canvas wall prints from us at Fotoviva and we’ll give you a tasty discount too! Been to a wedding lately? Have your favourite snap made into some stunning canvas wall art or a glossy acrylic print. Get creative and you can come up with some great gifts that will stay with the recipient for a long long time.

Traditional Wall Art

Interior wall art is also an easy way to bring famous artworks into your home for very little cost. All the old paintings by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Rembrant can now be purchased online in a wide array of print formats. These print reproductions are the only way to bring these kind of pictures and wall art into your home. The originals are safely guarded in museums and the most prestigious galleries in the world. In some cases you can even only get to a few metres away from them due to security measures!

Understanding wall art for your home is not rocket science, but there are a few things to consider before you buy wall art that will help ensure you don’t buy the wrong piece of art:

  1. Choose a picture who’s subject matter, colours and style will suit your room design, otherwise it may not sit right.
  2. Buy the right size – too small or too large can ruin the wall area and the wall art.
  3. Wall art on canvas, framed picture or acrylic? Choose the right print style for your interior designs.
  4. Atmosphere – make it right for the room you’re decorating – you don’t want a dynamic or sharp looking piece of wall art in your bedroom – think of something relaxing like a tranquil lake scene on canvas.
  5. Don’t go for cheap wall art, it won’t look as good and won’t last as long.

At Fotoviva Art Prints we’ve been selling canvas wall art for many years now from our online canvas store, and it’s a really popular style which compliments most interior designs. We’ve found wall art on canvas to be great value and long lasting which means you really get value for money. Having said that, acrylic wall art prints are fast becoming another form of wall picture that suits some interiors more than printed canvases. It really does depends on your own personal style and how you have designed your home.

The traditional framed print is another form of wall art which has been around for much longer, and it seems it is being superseded by canvas wall art in many homes. The main issue with framed wall art is it can be costly to get a nice looking quality frame and they look a bit dated in comparison. Canvas wall art for the home and acrylic art come ready to hang in your home and don’t need framing.

You can hang wall art prints in just about any room of your home. The living room is the place for that truly stunning piece of wall art – perhaps a 3 part canvas print for added punch, but don’t forget wall art for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room and reception rooms. Bedroom wall art is relatively easy to choose as you just have to find a relaxing image that will help promote a serene atmosphere in your bedroom. You can also buy wall art for the cloakroom, conservatory and landing area. Long canvas prints are ideal for some of these spaces so don’t forget to look at panoramic prints.

If you are looking for photographic canvas prints then here at Fotoviva we have some of the best examples of creative imagery in our online gallery. You’d be amazed at the kind of images photographers can do these days, from abstract wall art to sepia canvas prints. We have a range of art collections to choose from so you’re sure to find a great piece of wall art for your home from us.

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