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Using Floral Canvas Prints in Your Home

Nature has a special way of creating beauty in every corner of life. The natural colours, lines and patterns it creates can produce some of the most stunning scenes you will ever see. From rolling landscapes to forests and animals, nature brings us things we love to see. One of the best examples of this natural beauty are flowers, from beautiful red roses to delicate white lilies. Thankfully we can use floral canvas art to bring this beauty into our homes.

tulip canvas art

Tulips are one of the most colourful flowers and make great flower wall art.

Flower prints to inspire

If you were to walk into a dozen homes you would probably find the majority of them have some form of floral wall art hanging in a room. Be it a framed flower picture or a large flower canvas print, pictures of flowers are a very popular form of wall art all across the world. They work particularly great in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, but thanks to the colours and variety of plant life, they can be hung in just about any room of your home. At Fotoviva Art Prints you can buy flower prints on canvas from our impressive range of photographic images (see the floral collection in the green menu at the top of this page). These floral pictures have been hand chosen by our art department to ensure they project the natural beauty that flowers contain. Each flower print has been produced using professional camera equipment and by professional photographers. We print the flower wall art using large format printers that have been carefully calibrated to ensure your flower prints look as close to real life as possible. Our botanical art is here to inspire your walls and bring a smile to your face.

What flower prints do you sell?

floral art on canvas

Buy flower art for your interior designs

We have a wide range of flower prints for sale that encompass a nice selection of the most beautiful and captivating flowers out there. From red roses and purple flower crocuses to white lily art and pink tulips, our collection of floral wall art will have something for everyone. Our poppy wall art prints are popular choices and the bluebell wall pictures are mesmerising. Each flower picture is available printed on perspex acrylic for that truly glossy finish, fine-art poster print – ready to be framed, or as a floral canvas print which is probably the most popular style of botanical art for home owners.

You can even buy panoramic canvas prints of flowers and as an option we can print any of our floral art as split panel canvases. These multi panel canvases provide a truly impressive way to show off the art you love.

Flower posters and floral artwork

pink floral wall art

Pink floral canvases are popular

So what do we love about this type of wall art? You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty in a flower, from the bright and vivid colours of the petals right through to the fine detail of the stamens and leaves. Nature creates patterns and forms that can transfix our eyes. Even small flowers such as a daisy can be magnificent. The next time you see a flower, just take one minute to look at it. See the form it takes and follow the intricate lines and shapes. The more you look at flowers the more you see. It’s like an enchanting secret world of tiny details and colourful trails.

Hanging floral wall art in your home is a great alternative, or addition, to buying flowers. A wise man one wrote:

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.” Osho

Taking the love of flowers from that spiritual perspective you can see that if you buy floral canvas art you are showing your appreciation for nature without destroying it. How about your wooden frames you may ask? Our canvas frames are FSC sourced, which means the wood comes from sustainable forests which goes some way to ensure our carbon footprint is minimised as much as possible.

So if you enjoy the beauty of flowers you will enjoy the fusion of art and floral designs our flower wall art will create. If you want to buy flower prints for your home then visit our floral art prints collection for some wonderful inspiration at great prices.

red flower wall art

Gorgeous deep red petals and intricate flower head print

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