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See The Mountains From Your Lounge!

Ann garrett photography

There are many aspects of our natural surroundings which bring us pleasure, such as fields of golden wheat, lush green forests and golden sandy beaches, but one which stirs the heart more than any is a view of mountains that seem to stretch to the heavens.

Some of us like to see the mountains from a viewpoint below them as they tower over the landscape. Others prefer to climb and hike their way up, enjoying the expansive scene that greets them at the top of the mountain. Some of the best views in the UK are in the Lake District and the walks across the fells are incredible. All over the world we have stretches of mountains that not only make for incredible scenery, but also for some of the best hiking on the planet. Mountains have a grace and allure which stems from the ruggedness and natural features that have been created by the geographical underpinnings made over hundreds of years.

Unfortunately some people do not have mountain views on their doorstep, or have the ability to hike to the top of a nearby mountain range, so what can be done to enjoy the sheer majesty of our World’s highest peaks? How can we bring the mountains to us, so to speak?

Wall prints!  Yes, throughout our range of photographic wonderness (is that a word?) we have many images of mountains and stunning landscape scenes which will bring the natural spledour of our world into your home. Choose a panoramic canvas print for a truly wide angle scene, or a split panel (triptych) canvas for added impact. Our acrylic art is also great for displaying mountain images as the print quality is incredible. The way the acrylic absorbs the natural lighting produces a glossy picture which makes for an awesome wall print.

Wall art that features mountains and similar landscape pictures can help bring nature into our homes and help us not forget how beautiful our planet really is. Too often we get wrapped up with work, driving there and back and then staying in out houses until the same thing the next day. We forget how incredible our natural landscape is and by purchasing a mountain print you can help yourself to never forget. Of course, the best thing to do is get out there and experience it first hand, but that’s not always possible.

Here is a selection of our mountain wall art that has been photographed by our team of landscape photographers who have been lucky enough to have been there and captured the essence of these mountainous regions from behind the lens…

Scotland mountain glen

Tim Wallace Sheep Dog Image

Dirk Paessler photography

Ann Garrett Portfolio


Pauline Wickens photography

Peter Paterson landscapes

Jason Wickens wrote this article for Fotoviva Art Prints.