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Revitalise Your Kitchen With Wall Art

Whether you are having a new kitchen installed, have just moved into a new house or just want to freshen up your kitchen design, buying some kitchen wall art is a great idea and can change the whole look of the room.

We tend to spend quite a lot of our time in the kitchen, whether we’re cooking up a lovely meal or doing the dreaded washing up! It can be the hub of family life in a home so why not beautify the room with some kitchen art prints. The colours and imagery of kitchen wall decor can brighten up the place and encourage a pleasing atmosphere for the living space. You never know, it may even inspire you to get those old cookery books out of the cupboard and spend more time in the kitchen!

kitchen canvas art

Buy kitchen art to breath life into your cooking space.

Which style of wall art should I choose?

There are various options to choose from when it comes to kitchen art. Firstly you can buy kitchen canvas art which is very popular. At Fotoviva Art Prints we have a collection of floral art which would be ideal printed on canvas for the kitchen walls. Canvases are great as they come ready to hang and work with most room decor and styles. Don’t go too big with kitchen canvas art though as you don’t want it to drown the kitchen’s style out, but make sure the colours of the kitchen canvas wall art do compliment the colours of the walls and accessories you already have in place.

You can also buy framed kitchen wall prints in a more traditional style from a gallery or high street shop. Again, floral art pictures or even prints of food and drink will work well. Paintings of cafes are also popular, especially those lovely quaint French and Italian outdoor cafe images that reflect the cuisine and laid back life we crave in an ideal world.

Of course kitchen art can also be applied to similar interiors such as cafes, restaurants and pubs. You can use the same kind of wall art to enhance the food and drink areas. Even breakout eating areas in company buildings can benefit from some kitchen inspired wall prints.

Kitchen art tips

Wall art for kitchens is not only an ideal and cost effective way to transform your kitchen walls, but it can also be a fun project to get stuck into. Here’s a quick list of things to do:

  • Look at your kitchen from several angles and decide which walls you want to add kitchen art to.
  • Measure the wall space so you can narrow down the size of the print you can use.
  • Visit Fotoviva online or find another art site that sells art for kitchens.
  • Make a list of possible art prints and imagine them in your kitchen area – do the colours and style work well with the existing decor style?
  • Decide which print format – canvas, acrylic or framed print.
  • Buy your kitchen wall art and enjoy a fresh new cooking area!

By adding art for the kitchen you can revitalise the look of your main cooking room and enjoy the luxury of wall art all year round. Buy kitchen art from Fotoviva and you will enjoy gorgeous photographic prints that will make your kitchen look like it was styled by an interior designer!

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  1. Stacy B says:

    My kitchen is in dire need of some art to bring it to life – didn’t realise until I read this so thanks 🙂

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