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Looking to Buy Office Wall Art?

Good! You have come to the right place at Fotoviva Art Prints. But before we show you why you should buy office art from us, let’s firstly take a moment to understand the principles of how and why to utilise wall art in the office.

Think of your place of work. Most people will visualise their office space as being somewhat drab and bland looking. Pretty grey and uninspiring huh? The trouble is we get so wrapped up in the day to day office tasks that things like office interior design gets lost or overlooked completely. The only time most businesses would buy office art is when they move in and decorate initially, which is a real shame because businesses can benefit from wall art in so many ways.

buying business art prints

Using art in the office space to promote a better working environment

Why you need art in your office

Firstly, think about why you have wall art in your home. It’s because bare walls are boring, aren’t they? And what do canvases and framed prints offer? Yes, you got it – colour and inspiration! Offices are one of the spaces where we need colour and inspiration most of all. Most office environments are home to a myriad of desks and boring grey computers. Add to the mix bland suits that most people have to wear to work and you come up with a place that is devoid of colour and excitement.

Forget art and get on with your job!

That’s what some bosses might say but they’re missing the point of office art. If you create a pleasing environment for your workforce, studies have proven that this increases not only employee happiness but also productivity. So basically by adding some office wall decor you will be increasing productivity, whether the workforce realises it or not.

Art has also been shown to be good for health, promoting relaxation and inspiration. Several studies have shown this to be the case, whether it’s classic paintings or just beautiful photographic scenes of nature. As humans, we tend to love nature, and by using office artwork on your walls you can bring nature into your working life. We would all prefer to be working outside, rather than in a concrete shell, and this is the next best thing.

What kind of office pictures should I buy?

modern art office

Modern art in the office world

This really depends on your business. Of course, the main kind of office art most businesses will buy will be beautiful landscapes that help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to the room. This can be an ideal antidote to the stresses of modern-day office life. Think of rolling fields and green forests. Or maybe vast expanses such as mountain ranges or panoramic landscape views that draw the viewer into the scene. You could buy some modern art prints for the office if you have a contemporary business office design, or how about some seascape images showing sunsets over the beach? Here at Fotoviva Art Prints, we have an Automotive Art collection of images, and we regularly sell these car prints to garages and places that specialise in car parts and services. If cars are not your speciality, we have a wide range of other office wall prints that will no doubt be the perfect choice for your business. If you want to outfit a complete office we can offer discounts for bulk orders of office art so just contact us before ordering.

There’s another angle you could take, and that’s using office art to promote your services or products. We regularly print personalised office canvases for businesses who have their own photos. This is a great way to show off your product within your office space for when clients visit. We can even print your photos on acrylic for a truly modern and contemporary look. All you have to do is upload your photographs or digital artwork to our system and we can print your office art for you.

Canvas wall art or framed wall print?

Traditionally, if businesses had any form of office art hanging on their walls it would have been some bland painting reproduction in a dated framed format. Either that or it would just be a motivational office poster hastily attached with blu-tack or drawing pins! Times have changed now and people expect more. Thankfully print methods have improved and also the way we can display pictures. The most popular form of office art these days are canvas wall prints. All our prints are available printed on canvas and are perfect for the office walls. Canvases are ready to hang and don’t need framing, as the canvas print is wrapped around a boxed frame which gives the art a 3D block effect as it stands proud of the wall. Most of you will have seen canvases hanging in homes as they are also one of the most popular forms of home art.

office canvas print

Canvas art prints are very popular in offices and reception rooms

Framed prints do suit some office environments but if you are going down this route it can prove costly. Sure, you can visit your local gallery and buy a painting, have it framed and bring it back to the office, but if you are looking for several pieces of office decor this is going to be troublesome. Better still to buy online from a reputable web gallery and have the framed print delivered. Just try and buy a frame which isn’t too old fashioned looking – you want to come across as progressive and forward-thinking, don’t you?

Speaking of which, if you want to create the best impression for your clients and workforce then buy acrylic art prints for the office. These are very modern looking and will look perfect in a bright and modern office design. The print is mounted to the rear of an acrylic (think high-quality perspex) panel which gives it a glossy finish to make the image really shine. Our Fotoviva acrylics are ideal for office decoration and are the superior floating acrylic format, which means you don’t see any ugly fixings.

So we can use creative office art prints not only to improve the working environment for the staff, but also to impress your customers. You’ll find you get visitors commenting on the wall art and asking where you got it from. The place you work from says a lot about you as a person and a company. Office art is a great way to integrate stylish interior design into the office space and you can even get your accountant to include it as an office expenditure to offset your tax bill. So not only do you get those great benefits but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate the office. Our image collections have been handpicked by our team of photographers and designers to ensure they are ideal for printing at just about any size, so if you are looking to buy large office art, Fotoviva can print your perfect bespoke sized art for your office. We’re also a friendly bunch so if you need to discuss any aspect of decorating your office with canvas prints or acrylics then we can help you decide on the right images to choose from.

We spend half our life in the office so why not bring the place to life and give it a soul. Just make sure you don’t spend all day looking at the wall prints – you’re at the office to work remember!

2 thoughts on “Looking to Buy Office Wall Art?

  1. alison says:

    We’ve been looking for some canvas art for our new office since we moved in a few months back. Could definitely do with some of your work, can you go bigger as we have big wall spaces?

    1. Sure we can, most of our images are high enough quality to be enlarged really big, just let us know what images you are looking to buy and what size canvas you need. We’ll work out our best price for you. Many thanks.

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