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Capturing the Beauty of Autumn Colours

Autumn Dreams canvas wall art

Autumn Dreams by Jacky Parker

As the warm summer days begin to fade away we find the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping. Our minds turn to winter and the ensuing delights of Christmas, but before all that happens we have the wonders of Autumn to enjoy. This brings about a visual change to our world, with new colours across the landscape and temperatures that make those glorious barbecues seem like distant memories.

One of the most inspiring things about Autumn are the incredible colours this season brings with golden leaves and misty mornings that . The trees that were once full of green leaves now begin to wind down for the winter, shedding the leaves like a colourful carpet on the ground. A multitude of colours like a patchwork quilt are created with reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Catch them in the low sunlight of an early morning and they can look like pieces of artwork in their own right. Add a touch of frost and the images they produce really catch the eye.

Misty Trees panoramic canvas poster print

Misty Trees by Dirk Paessler

Forests and parks are transformed into new colour schemes, with blankets of leaves surrounding trees that begin to show their branches through the Autumnal change. Early mornings are colder and darker, with mists lying across the landscapes, especially along rivers and around the hills and mountains. If you get up early enough you will get to appreciate these magic scenes that Autumn produces before the sun comes up and burns the mists away.

Glenfinnen early frost photographic print for walls

Glenfinnen by Graham Cormie

Jack Frost visits us on these early Autumnal mornings, bringing a sparkle and magic quality to our world. Grass and plants get covered in the white glitter and shine as the sun rises above the horizon. These moments are a photographers dream. Whether you are shooting for Instagram or just love to capture what nature produces, take your camera with you throughout Autumn – the colours and change of landscape can make for great photographs. I may be laughed at by pro photographers here, but even modern smartphones can capture great images these days, so if you are out walking the dog, take your iPhone with you and you’ll be surprised at what great images you can come back with!

Early Morning Mist

Early Morning Mist

Not only are the Autumn mornings photogenic, but the evenings become a great source of inspiration for photographers and nature lovers. The sun is lower in the sky and the sunsets somehow seem more colourful. Of course, the sun sets much earlier in Autumn and this is compounded by the clocks changing!

Magical Light framed canvas wall art

Magical Light by Martin Starkey

If you enjoy the wonderful landscape scenes that arrive with Autumn, you will find plenty of wall art to reflect those images in our collection. From early morning misty landscapes to frosty views and frozen lakes. Take a look through our art prints and find one that you fall in love with. With a choice of either canvas art, modern acrylic prints or fine-art posters, you can be sure to find the perfect wall picture for your home.

Loch Ard wall print on canvas

Loch Ard by Peter Paterson

Peaceful Morning River photo on canvas

Peaceful Morning River by Jason Wickens

Autumn in Grasmere poster print for walls

Autumn in Grasmere by John Woodworth

Walking Dream square canvas print

Walking Dream by Doug Chinnery

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