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Canvas Print Sizes Guide

Large canvas wall print

Big canvas art pictures look great on the wall

Canvas prints come in many different sizes, from small A4 canvas prints to larger canvases of A1 and beyond. You may not have heard about ‘A’ sizes, or you may need to visualise how big a certain canvas size will be before you buy a canvas, which is why we have created this handy guide for canvas sizes. There is also a useful measurement conversion tool below which converts between inches, feet and centimetres.

Basic Canvas Print Sizes

Our canvas wall prints are offered in several standard sizes which should suit most purposes. They start at 12 x 16 inch and go up to 24 x 34″ for the large canvas art. These canvas sizes are typical of what is offered on most canvas stores and galleries. Square canvas art is also available for those pieces of art that are in that format.

Bespoke Canvas Prints

If you need a specific sized canvas for your wall space, just contact us with your preferred size and we can work out our best price. We have made many bespoke canvas prints over the years that customers have ordered to suit their rooms. If you are going bigger than the large canvas art we offer, you just need to be careful that the picture can be enlarged, as much as you want, and that the size fits the stretcher bars we have. In most cases, you won’t have any issues.


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A Visual Guide to Canvas Print Sizes

We have put together an easy to follow visual treat which shows how big (or small) a canvas picture will look in your home surroundings. The images below show how big canvas art prints will suit large wall spaces better than smaller ones. For instance, this A4 canvas below looks ridiculous hung above this sofa, but it is just to give you an idea on the size variations so you can choose the right canvas picture for your room.

a4 canvas art prints

A4 canvases are small and not suitable for a wall space such as this.

A4 Canvas Print 8 x 12″

These small canvas pictures are not offered as standard in our gallery as people tend to want large canvas art for their rooms to make a statement instead. Think of an A4 canvas print as the size of office headed paper. For 8×12 inch canvas art we tend to give them plain sides as opposed to the image wrap. This is purely because you will lose too much of the image if it is wrapped around the canvas sides.

a3 canvas wall art

A3 canvas print size is suitable for small areas of wall.

A3 Canvas Print 12 x 16″

These A3 size canvases are great for filling a small area of wall space. Measuring 12 x 16 inches, an A3 canvas print will also make a great present without breaking the bank. We generally print these with plain edges too, although the other option is to mirror or clone the image on the sides. As you can see, this size canvas is still not suitable for hanging over a sofa!

a2 canvas wall picture

A2 canvas size is ideal for many rooms

A2 Canvas Print 16 x 24″

Large prints on canvas make a great statement in your rooms. An A2 canvas print will suit a good-sized wall or if you have a large wall, go for two of them! Depending on your sofa, you could get away with this size. You do need space around the canvas to allow the image to ‘breathe’, but too much space makes it look lost.

A1 canvas print size

A1 canvas prints are great for hanging over a lounge sofa

A1 Canvas Print 24 x 34″

Our largest standard canvases are also our most popular size. At a whopping 24 x 34 inch they provide a stunning visual treat when hung in the right space. This visual shows how an A1 canvas picture will fill a space above a sofa and create a real impact. We also offer most of our gallery images in the split panel triptych size of 24 x 34″ overall size.

Extra Large Canvas Prints

Looking for giant canvas prints for your room? We can print most of our gallery photographs at larger sizes to suit your room. Big canvas prints look incredible in the right space. Let us know your ideal custom size canvas print and we will do our best. Our art is high quality and produced from professional photographers so most of the pictures can be enlarged without too much loss of detail. If you would like to buy an extra-large canvas print we will check the image quality to ensure it will still look crisp and clear at your required size. We’re not in the business of selling you canvases that won’t look good, just to make some money! If you want to use our custom canvas printing service to have your own photograph printed on canvas, just email us the image and we can advise you on the largest we could comfortably print it. And you don’t have to resize your images, just send them in and we’ll do the rest.

Tips for choosing the right canvas picture size

  • Decide where your canvas will hang before you order
  • Make sure your canvas size will leave enough space around it
  • Choose a large canvas print for a visual focal point
  • Aim for the centre of the canvas to hang at eye level
  • Try a split panel triptych canvas for a real attention-grabber


size convertor
Use our special size convertor to see what a particular length converts to…

Please note that the images above of various canvas print sizes are only for reference and are not strictly the sizes mentioned. Please only use them as a guide. It is best to measure up your wall space first to determine the ideal sized canvas for your needs.

seascape canvas picture print

Choose the right-sized canvas print and it will enhance your interior design instantly.


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