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What is the Future of Wall Art?

Future Print Styles for wall art


What will be the next big thing in the way of displaying artwork? We’ve had traditional paintings, framed prints, canvas art and acrylic prints. Prints on metal have not taken off (mainly due to the cost and low-quality print finish they give) so what else is there to come?
I would suggest some form of illuminated print will be in our homes in the next few years. With a hint of lighting from behind the print, it would give the picture a bit more punch and would look particularly great in the evenings. Perhaps a well-placed set of LEDs would do the trick. It would need to light up the picture in a uniform manner so it is illuminated evenly.

Perhaps soon we will see larger digital photo frames, instead of the small ones which currently are available. Usually, they are no larger than 6 x 8 inch but wouldn’t it be great to have them around 20 x 30 inch and hanging on your wall? Surely this will become a reality in our homes when the price of the screens comes down. Imagine it being touch-screen too! Stream an image folder from your iPad to the system would be nicer than having to slot a memory card into it too.
You can of course already show your slideshows on the TV but this means the TV is always on and whilst the pictures are showing you cannot watch any programmes! A nice digital photo frame hanging on your wall with a slideshow running with around a 10 – 20 second pause between images would be ideal in my book.
3D photos are becoming popular but as of now, we don’t have any ideal ways to show them. Mainly you can only view them on your 3D camera or on a 3D enabled TV. I would love to see a 3D wall print. Just imagine the buzz it would make! A big 3D image of your family hanging in your lounge would be incredible, let’s hope this is a technology which becomes available to us soon.
We have to be careful with future wall print styles as they are only supposed to be decorative elements to interior design. They don’t want to be too bright, loud or intrusive in our lives so a careful line has to be drawn somewhere when building new technologies. Cost is always a major factor in bringing a new craze to the market. Just look at HD TVs – a few years ago you couldn’t get one for less than a thousand pounds but now every TV is HD and you can get them for less than £200 in most shops. There will always be a small number of people who are willing to pay large amounts for the latest technology but until more of them are sold, the price will remain relatively high. It’s a catch-22 situation that eventually resolves itself.
One thing is for sure with our home interiors, the future is bright and we may need to wear shades!
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Jason Wickens wrote this article for Fotoviva Art Prints.