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The Art of Derwentwater in Pictures

Derwentwater Calm by Rick Bowden

If you are lucky enough to have visited the Lake District in Cumbria, you will already know it is one of the UK’s most beautiful places. From the inspiring fells and lakes to the quaint towns and villages that provide wonderful food and produce after a day walking through the countryside.

Derwentwater is one of the many lakes that draw visitors by the thousands. In our collection of wall art we have quite a few prints featuring Derwent Water so we thought it was a great opportunity to show them all here. Feast your eyes on the art of Derwentwater in pictures by our team of expert photographers.

Now before we get you salivating at the beautiful Derwentwater prints we have, how about some quick facts about the place…

  • It’s 3 miles long and 1 mile wide
  • There are 4 islands, one of which was home to a hermit in the 7th Century
  • The lakeside walk is around 8 miles long
  • Derwent Water is also known as Keswick’s lake
  • Beatrix Potter apparently said it was her favourite of the lakes

Capturing the Spirit of Derwentwater in Pictures

Derwentwater Jetty

Derwentwater Jetty wall print by Doug Chinnery

When it comes to taking pictures of water professional photographers often opt for the long exposure method which helps to smooth the water into a glass-like effect. This print by Doug Chinnery is a prime example and helps to create an atmospheric image that would suit any interior design. It’s definitely one of our favourite Derwentwater photo prints.

Derwentwater canvas print

Lakeland Dusk is another stunning Derwentwater print by Doug Chinnery.

Derwentwater is actually the widest lake in England at just over 1 mile wide but although the deepest part goes to around 75ft it has an average depth of just 15 ft. This makes it one of the first of the lakes to begin freezing in the cold winter days. In this picture we love the broken fencing that leads the eye across the still water. The colours are muted but beautiful.

Derwentwater Stones poster print

Derwentwater Stones by Jon Gibbs

They say the colour blue helps create a relaxing mood by sending signals to the brain which release chilled out vibes or something like that! This art print of Derwentwater has blue in spades so makes a perfect addition to your room if that is what you are looking to achieve. This Lake District view is looking across towards Keswick and the mountain Skiddaw. The landscape around Derwentwater is something to behold, with Catbells on the Western shore and Castle Crag (otherwise known as the ‘Jaws of Borrowdale’) in the South. Everywhere you look around Derwentwater the landscape is simply magical.

derwent rocks poster print

Derwent Rocks by Rick Bowden

Long ago Derwentwater was part of Bassenthwaite lake but is now only connected by the River Derwent. It is the third largest lake in the Lake District with much of it being now owned by The National Trust, who ensure the lake and surrounding area is maintained for ecological and tourism reasons. In the wall print seen above, the sun is setting behind the fells creating a wonderful reflection upon the calm waters.

Jetty Reflections at Derwentwater

Jetty Reflections II by Rick Bowden

Another of Rick Bowden’s photographic prints is available from our gallery (see above) and again captures the serenity of an early morning visit to Derwentwater lake. You can just imagine sitting on the side of the jetty and taking in the peaceful scene as the sun begins to rise and send its warm glow across the landscape. William Wordsworth was also a fan of the Lake District and wrote a poem about Derwentwater.

The approach to Derwent Water surpassed Windermere — it is richly wooded, and shut in with rich-toned Mountains.
John Keats

Derwent water reflections panoramic print

Derwent Water Reflections by Rick Bowden

As with most of Cumbria’s lakes, Derwentwater is a popular tourist destination and has many things to see and do around it. Of course you can walk or cycle around the paths that surround the water and admire the scenery as you go. As the lake is only a few minutes walk from the town of Keswick, you can even take a trip to the shops or grab some lunch in town. Borrowdale is at the southern tip of the lake and includes several lovely villages to visit. And of course if you love to walk the fells you are really spoilt for choice.

Derwentwater blue artwork

Derwent Dream by John Woodworth

We will leave you with this exquisite image by John Woodworth called ‘Derwent Dream’. It’s another breathtaking photograph that looks amazing printed on canvas. We have other images of the Lake District and Derwentwater so do explore our online gallery for more great images. Our photographers are fans of Derwent and we’re sure you are too after seeing these images here.

For more information you can visit the Lake District National Park website which has its own Derwentwater page.

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