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Stunning Red Canvas Wall Art

Vasco Da Gama Bridge print on canvas

Vasco Da Gama Bridge

What does the colour red do to you? Scientists say colours can influence our emotions and state of mind. Subconsciously colours have an effect on us that we may not register, it can be so subtle. So how about colours in interior design? Look around your rooms and if you have one which is predominantly based around one colour, how does that room ‘feel’. Red is supposed to be passionate, fiery and strong. Blues are more calming, along with white. Yellow tones can feel fresh and vibrant whilst greens also affect our psyche in a relaxing manner.

Most people have a favourite colour, and if yours is red then this article will be just the right one for you, especially if you are into interior design – whether as a profession or just for your own home decor. At Fotoviva Art Prints we have many pieces of wall art available and consequently many themed imagery and colour tones. Red wall art is a particularly popular style with our customers so let’s see what you can buy.

Red Canvas Wall Art

Our prints on canvas selection has many red pieces of artwork by our photographers. From red rose art to red sunset canvases and many in between. Red canvas wall art is the kind of interior accessory that will make a real statement. Some of our red canvas prints have bright, punchy red tones which will only suit a certain style of room so make sure if you want to buy red wall art you have the right kind of interior design to go with it. Other red canvas prints for sale are more subtle, but still retain an overall red theme to the photographic print. These will suit most rooms and will look great printed on canvas.

What About Colour Reproduction?

Some people worry about the quality of the art they will receive when they buy canvas art off the internet. They are right to have concern as many canvas stores will produce sub-standard printing. Then there are places like us at Fotoviva who take quality control very seriously. We come from a photography background so we understand how to get the best from our printers and the images. The real limitation is how your screen is calibrated compared to an accurate one. If your computer is not set up right you may see the red artwork different than we actually have it. Rest assured though, we always do our utmost to produce colourful canvas prints that match the original images supplied by our photographers.

The Colour Red Has many Emotions

The colour red, as mentioned before, is linked to passion and strength. It has also been representative of other emotions though, such as anger and love. Two opposing emotions there, so how come red can affect us so much? Show a red flag to a bull and he goes crazy, going all out to attack the flag holder. And yet a red rose symbolizes love and romance. Crazy isn’t it? Red canvas prints are a great way to bring stylish colour into your home. How about a red rose canvas print for your wife? Maybe a red poppy field print for your kitchen or dining room? The red water drop artwork featured below by Don Tiffney is an ideal red canvas for your bedroom. Water symbolizes purity and calmness so what do we make of red water? Calmness, rage, anger and love? This is just getting too much now!

Show Me Your Red Canvas Wall Art!

Ok! Seeing as you asked so nicely, have a look at some of the examples below that show a small selection of our red canvas wall art prints. Of course you can also buy these as floating framed acrylic prints or just standard (but lovely quality) poster wall art if canvases are not to your taste. Just select the right print style before ordering your red wall decor from us. For the full range visit our canvas art gallery.

Click any of these photographs to see it hanging on a wall!

Tim Wallace rose image

Big Red

Voyager by Paulo Lopes


Autumn Acer by Doug Chinnery

Autumn Acer

red macro photography

Fresh Red

Poppy field by doug chinnery

Poppy Field Landscape

Rose petal art by Howard Goff

From the Heart

Red poppy field by Rick Bowden

Field of Red

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