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Showcase Your Photos with Acrylic Picture Frames

floating acrylic photo print

Great photographs make great memories. Photographs immortalise special moments. So why not share your memories and moments to your friends and family by showcasing them as acrylic wall prints. Not heard of acrylic art? Read on to find out how this exciting print media will transform your interior designs.

Acrylic picture frames are the perfect way to display your own photographs thanks to the awesome quality of not only their presentation but their print quality. They are actually frameless picture frames that float off the wall, creating an eye-catching piece of wall art. It’s what professional photographers and art enthusiasts use nowadays to display their photos in contemporary galleries. Thankfully they are no longer exclusive to this clientele and have been made readily available to all kinds of consumers, from home owners to amateur photographers. Nevertheless, whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who loves taking pictures or one who wants to treasure their picture in the way it deserves to be preserved, acrylic printing is the way to go.

Whatever your photograph is, whether it’s your favourite landscape scene, your pet, your loved ones, or just random things, places or moments, they will look wonderful printed on acrylic. Why so? Well, acrylic printing is a medium of imaging that has an exceptionally vivid quality to it. It not only enhances the photo’s colours but defines even the minutest details of a photograph. It will make a captured moment come to life as the colours pop vibrantly out of the picture frame. A cherished moment is a story that deserves to be told and there is only one sure fire way to tell that story. That is with acrylic photo frames.

So what are acrylic prints?

Also known as perspex prints, acrylic glass prints or perspex photo frames, acrylic prints are slick looking, visually stunning wall art that utilise the wonderful light effecting properties of acrylic panels to display printed artwork. There are basically two ways your photos are reproduced with acrylic printing. This can be by printing onto acrylic sheets or printing on a dedicated photo paper then mounting it onto an acrylic panel. Between these two methods, we prefer printing on a dedicated photo paper as the image quality is really quite extraordinary whereas the picture quality is a little compromised when printed directly onto an acrylic sheet. The acrylic panel’s 5mm thickness allows light to pass through from all possible angles, so it almost looks lit up, a seemingly 3D like version of your photograph. A glossy finish is the result making it truly a sight to behold. Throughout the day, the print catches light in various areas giving you a different perspective of that moment every time. Talk about a picture coming to life!

Acrylic picture frame print

Acrylic prints are also extremely durable which makes it the perfect investment. It is also temperature and moisture resistant so you can be assured that the acrylic print you purchased today is the very same one you will be looking at in the future. Also, because your photographs are printed on a professional photo paper, the quality of the photograph does not fade nor deteriorate over time so this is wall art you can perceive as a lifetime investment. The printed picture is pressure bonded onto the reverse of the acrylic panel using special, ultra-thin, double sided optically clear mount film. Diamond cut polished edges complete the superior quality.

To add to its stunning looks, acrylic prints are also extremely contemporary. It looks absolutely exquisite in a minimalist and modern space. One single piece will stand out against a stark white or bare wall making it a focal point that will definitely draw attention. It will also make a contemporary home worthy of art gallery status with its professional and sleek look. Photographers as well as art enthusiasts who want to display their work will have the upper edge with using art prints as their medium. It looks professional, sleek, modern, stunning and durable.

Acrylic wall art detail

Photographers of food photography will make their images very inviting and palatable. Photographers who specialise in landscape, panorama and seascape images will entice and draw tourists to that specific place captured. Photographers of wildlife and insects also lure everyone looking at their photographs to take a closer look. Every single photograph just seems to be in finer detail and more vivid with acrylic picture frames.

Acrylic Photo Art is…

  • Perfect for modern interiors and offices
  • Custom acrylic print sizes available
  • Choose from our gallery art or your photos
  • Worldwide shipping available upon request
  • All acrylic wall art printed here in the UK
  • 5mm thick acrylic – 10mm also available
  • Diamond polished acrylic edges
  • Seriously safe packaging for delivery

Captured moments printed on acrylic are also the perfect gift. People who give framed photos or albums will now have something new to look forward to. When you buy a picture frame for someone else, you sometimes cannot help but wonder if they will like the frame that comes with the picture. This goes pretty much the same with albums. You won’t run across this problem with acrylic prints as they are uniformly similar in presentation. The only difference is the preference of size. So if you would like to give a photo that is sure to be treasured and highly appreciated, gift them to loved ones in the form of acrylic prints.

How to hang an Acrylic Print

You could be forgiven for thinking something so new and funky like acrylic photo frames might have a complex hanging system but this could not be further from the truth! Our acrylic picture frames have a sturdy sub-frame on the back which features a standard saw-tooth gallery fixing. All you have to do is fit a screw into your wall and carefully hang the acrylic frame on the screw. It really is as easy as that!

Personalised Acrylic Photo Prints

While we have hundreds of images you can choose from on our website at Fotoviva Art Prints from our extremely talented photographers, you are also welcome to send in your own photograph. It is very simple as you only have to upload the photo and we will take care of the rest. We can’t help but fall head over heels for this new medium of art prints and if you want to fall in love with them too, go ahead and get one of your own for you to admire or for a loved one to appreciate. It is truly the ultimate medium of wall art right now.

Discover our pictures on acrylic or have us make your own personalised acrylic photo print

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