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Preparing Your Photo For Print

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If you are sending us your photo to be printed as canvas art, desktop photo block or as a tasty acrylic wall print, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best out of your picture. An understanding of your digital camera and a bit of tweaking to your photo in an image editing application will help us get the most quality from your pictures. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a great picture…

Picture Quality
Digital cameras improve every year and todays cameras will give you great results thanks to sophisticated technology and sensor size. If you are using an older digital camera it's best to ensure you are shooting in the highest quality possible. In the camera settings menu ensure the picture quality is set to maximum. This may also be called 'finest' or 8mp (depending on the maximum megapixel your camera can shoot at. Not only will this mean we can print at a larger size for you, but also if you decide to crop the image it will still retain plenty of detail. If your photograph does not have enough resolution we won't be able to print from it, especially if you are looking for a large canvas print for a wall. The larger the original photo is, the crisper the printed image will be.

Camera Scenes
Modern cameras have very clever technology that aims to take a photograph with the optimum settings for the given scene, but it doesn't always work 100%. If you find a photo doesn't look like it should then try one of the preset scene modes, such as landscape, portrait or party scene. These may be more suitable for the scene you are trying to shoot.

Something that can blight digital photos is the dreaded flash. It can produce washed-out faces that ruin the shot. The built-in flash of point and click cameras is not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination. If you are shooting in less than optimal light you may be able to turn the flash off to get natural looking pictures. This works particularly well if the subject is relatively still. Fast moving scenes will just blur so a flash will be needed on those.

Editing You Photo
Once you have uploaded your picture to your computer you can tweak it using free or professional image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Just a few small changes here and there to a picture can make a great improvement. You can also get creative and some image apps provide you with really nice built-in effects. How about making a black and white canvas print? Maybe a sepia effect wall print? The possibilities are endless so get creative!

Saving Your Images
Make sure you save your picture at the highest quality setting to retain as much information in the file as possible. JPEG files are fine for printing on canvas or acrylic as long as you save them at the highest quality. File sizes should be anywhere from 2mb upwards.

When you choose one of our printing services please make sure you give your image a title that will allow us to see which is yours. Even something like 'New born baby' will suffice. If you have any questions about your picture just contact us and we can advise you.

We hope those little tips will help you get the best from your digital pictures. Remember, the best photo you can send us, the best print we can send you!