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Poster Prints for Interior Decoration

Glen Coe poster print and canvas picture
Poster print art is a great way to give your rooms a complete make-over. They are one of the most widely used options for decorating your walls and are very good value. Our poster prints start from as little as £16. Such prints can breathe life into old rooms by making them look chic and vibrant. Below are some great ideas for customising poster prints that will help brighten up your home.

Group Photo Prints
This is a very common practice where group photos are enlarged, framed and then are hung on the walls. These prints include photos like friends, company photos, school photos, birthday photos, family photos, special occasion photos, business photos, team photos and the list goes on and on.
A good and professional poster printer can make large poster prints as long as your image resolution is high enough while maintaining excellent image quality. These poster prints can be hung in stairways or entrance hallways in a spiralling fashion, bedrooms or lounge walls.
Collage Poster Prints
If you like your home and interior design neat and tidy and want to fit in your pictures without making chaos of your wall space, then collage poster prints are just for you. By putting pictures in a small space, you also create a unique visual design that is quite eye-catching and very different to look at. When such prints are viewed from a distance, they give colour and depth to your walls. They almost create a 3D effect in a similar manner to the acrylic photo blocks we offer here at Fotoviva. If you have children, you can use the baby and growing up pictures to form a collage which, in its own way, will tell his story to your guests. Isn’t this a brilliant idea? Let the pictures do the talking!
Typography Prints
If you are quite vocal in your opinions, then you can even let your rooms echo your voice. You can enlarge and display a typography poster print that conveys messages that you like. If you support any particular political or social cause, then such prints can be used to adorn your walls, which then become an extension of your personality. Teenagers generally tend to use cheesy messages like “I am the Boss”, “Entry Prohibited” and such things, which nevertheless, adds an element of individuality to their rooms.
Photography Poster Prints
Such prints have a timeless ability to change the décor of any room, however big or small may the walls may be. If you are an amateur photographer or pursue photography as a hobby, your walls can be used to show off your photography talent. Decorate them with enlarged versions of your photo prints which help in adding colour and vibrancy to your walls.
You can even use pictures of the places that you have visited on holiday, and such pictures serve as a reminder as well as a souvenir of your happy memories. You can get pictures from numerous sources and can then embellish your walls. You see, there are options abound!
Portrait Prints
Portrait prints of your family or kids are an excellent and very popular way to decorate your home walls. Some families tell the story of their bloodline in this manner. In fact, such a kind of interior decoration has been used for centuries. There is no end to the number of ways for poster printing. Use your ideas and get going!