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Choosing The Right Canvas Print For Your Interior Decor

printing on canvas plain sides

It may be easy to go into a high street shop and pick up a cheap canvas print on the spur of the moment but when you get it home you may find it doesn’t suit your interior decor or the size of your blank wall.

Just because you find a nice picture doesn’t mean it’s right for your room. It’s best to look through a range of different art to find the one that will bring your walls to life. For instance, a canvas print featuring a beautiful flower image will be much more suited to a room with soft colours which will complement the picture. In contrast, a contemporary interior design will probably work well with a black and white canvas print or a piece of modern art on canvas.

panoramic large lighthouse print on canvas

Think about the room decor first and you will be more likely to choose the right canvas print. If you have a small area of wall you want to hang some art on don’t buy a canvas that is going to fill it entirely. Canvas art prints need space around them to let them breathe. If they have a good amount of space they stand out better and will provide a stronger focal point for your room. You may find that a panoramic canvas print will suit your wall, especially if you have a sofa or table up against the wall too.

You may have seen canvas art that is spread across three canvas panels. These are called triptych canvas prints and can be very effective at making a big impression in rooms that have a larger wall area to fill. With the image wrapping around the frame (or ‘gallery wrapped’) it creates a continuous image across the separate canvases. Be aware this works better with certain images so if in doubt we can create a mockup to show you how it would look as a triptych canvas.

All our image collection can be purchased as quality canvas prints so have a look through our range to find that perfect art print for your walls. Here is some more photographic inspiration for your interior designs…

wheat field photo art

modern art canvas prints

dew bells flower print


winter orchard snow print floating acrylic