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Buying Canvas Prints Online

Clearly here at Fotoviva Art Prints we sell canvas prints online so we’re going to try and not be too biased with this guide. There are many places to buy canvas art on the internet but what you pay and what you get can vary a great deal so we’ve put together this quick guide to help you make the best choice. Of course the best place to buy canvas art is at Fotoviva but… oh darn it! Sorry, impartial head back on 🙂

Buying canvas prints online is a fairly easy experience, whether you are looking for personalised canvas art or painting reproductions on canvas. Now digital cameras are everywhere you can also find canvas art for sale of some really breathtaking photographic art. The range of canvas pictures for sale on the internet is huge, which is great for you the customer as it means you should have no problem whatsoever in finding the perfect framed canvas print for your home walls.

large canvas art print

Where to buy canvas prints?

When we launched the Fotoviva online gallery way back in 2006 there were only a handful of websites selling canvas prints online. These days just about every online gallery offers their artwork printed on canvas which is understandable as it is a great print media and looks great on your walls. Competition keeps us on our toes and we’ve improved our canvas prints over the years to ensure our customers get the best value canvas art their money can buy.

Buying guide tips

  • Choose a canvas supplier who wraps the picture around a thick wooden frame, 38mm is a good standard for canvas stretcher bars
  • Make sure the framed canvas print has a UV coating to protect it
  • Is there a returns policy incase you don’t like it?
  • Does the canvas store look like a legit business?
  • Is the artist being supported by the canvas sale?

The cheaper end of the market for canvas art prints online is Ebay. Here you will find a huge array of reproductions at really cheap prices. There are plenty of Banksy canvas prints for sale (if that tickles your fancy – and their legality is certainly in question), along with many popstar pop-art canvas prints (also legally debatable). In many cases these boxed canvas prints are so cheap to buy because they are not printed on real canvas material but a cheap plastic based replacement which doesn’t give a good print result. The wooden frames may also be badly made and thin. There’s probably no UV varnish to protect them and the print quality could well be sub-standard. That’s not to say they’re all like that, but many cheap canvas prints will be. After a while you could be regretting going for the cheaper end of the market.

Amazon is another big online retailer where you can buy canvas art prints. Again this will probably be through the Marketplace so quality will vary depending on who you buy it from even though it comes under the Amazon umbrella. We at Fotoviva Art Prints sold our quality canvas prints on Amazon for a while but found it made more sense to focus purely on our online gallery store instead.

How about buying canvas prints direct from the painter or photographer? Many artists have their own websites these days and offer canvas prints for sale through them. They may be a bit more expensive but you know you have the real deal and you could get it signed from the artist too. You just have to find the right artist or photographer you like in the first place, which can be quite tricky. Maybe try going to a few galleries, even local small gallery events which should give you some inspiration and artist leads.

Canvas store options

So to order canvas prints online you really do have lots of options to choose from. The real difficulty could well be in choosing which piece of canvas art you most like. Don’t forget to visulise how it will look hanging in your current room. Will the colours work with your decor? Is it the right size for the wall space? Buying canvas prints can be exciting, and nothing beats hearing the knock on the front door by the courier with a large canvas print wrapped up in a box for you. Choose your canvas store wisely and you will be rewarded with a high quality canvas artwork that will last you for many years to come.

To view our canvas prints for sale visit our online canvas gallery and enjoy stunning wall art that will transform your room!


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