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Bluebell Wood Pictures – Art in Nature

bluebell lavender print

There is something about bluebell woods that has a welcome effect on the human mind. Most people will smile and enjoy the beautiful colour nature has provided in a secluded bluebell woodland scene. As the bluebells only come out for a few weeks each spring, it’s a limited edition show that nature puts on for us, which probably adds to the wow factor. A bit like the vibrant yellow rapeseed fields we see across the landscape, bluebell woods paint a beautiful colour that stimulates our senses and helps to remind us how beautiful nature can be.

Pictures of bluebell flowers are also a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. It allows you to see them all year round and displays the stunning blue colours on your walls. At Fotoviva Art Prints we have a great collection of bluebell art for sale. Our photographers love getting out to those bluebell woodlands and shooting the scenes. From close-up pictures to landscape scenes of bluebell seas, we have just about every kind of bluebell scene you could think of. Photographed on high-end cameras, we can offer the prints in large format without losing quality or detail.

bluebell wood panoramic

It’s an iconic English scene during the spring months, culminating at the end of April/early May. There are several varieties of bluebell flowers across the country, ranging from the native deep violet-blue ones found in ancient woodlands to the Spanish pale blue and white ones found in meadows. Each can create a wonderful carpet of colour across the landscape under the thick canopy of the trees.

When you see a bluebell wood it’s a good indication the wood is an ancient one, going back to at least the 15th Century. Many poems have been written about bluebell scenes, and they have inspired a whole range of famous painters over the centuries. Folklore says that bluebell woods are enchanted places, full of fairies and elves. If you walked through a bluebell wood and picked one you would disappear forever!


I dream of bluebells

Sea of bluebells

Bluebell Landscape by Doug Chinnery

Bluebell Walk canvas wall art

Bluebell Fern - Gallery wall art

And we have even more bluebell prints available, just visit our online gallery and search for Bluebells, more will be added over time. Enjoy!


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  2. Laura McNicolas says:

    Just been looking for some bluebell art for my dining room and came across your pictures. Lovely!

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