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Acrylic Photo Blocks – The Perfect Gift

Acrylic Photo Print

What is an acrylic print? It’s very hard to describe just how great these acrylic photo blocks look, but if we say the words ‘funky’, ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ it may go some way to giving you an idea, at the cost of sounding a little old school with those words. These personalised blocks, though, are in no way old school!  Fresh and unique, acrylic blocks are a fantastic way to show off your own photos or to make a gift that will stand out from all the others. Let’s find out just how good they are…

When we show our photo blocks to people who haven’t seen any before, they usually blurt out things like ‘Wow!’ and ‘I want one!’. They are so different to other photo displays that they immediately catch your eye. Modern and contemporary looking, the acrylic photo blocks can transform your pictures and bring them to life. The thick acrylic block allows light to flow through the display creating a super glossy and punchy image. It makes for a 3D style presentation as the light illuminates from the sides and top too. Essentially frameless picture frames, personalised acrylic blocks are freestanding so there’s no need to get the drill or hammer out. Simply set them down on a table, bookcase, desk or mantlepiece and they will provide a real talking point in your home or office. Show off your favourite photos or send them to your friends and family as a unique personalised gift.

Sounds great, tell me more!

If you head over to our acrylic photo block page you can order directly from there by uploading your photos and choosing your preferred acrylic block photo frame size. We print your photograph onto pro-quality photo paper and bond it to the back of a 20mm thick freestanding acrylic block which is laser cut and diamond polished – sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it! The back of the photo is finished off with a black velvet covering which makes even the back of the acrylic look classy!

New and improved Acrylic Blocks

We have just updated our acrylic photo frames and one of the added bonuses is that they now come in a lovely presentation box which is ideal if you are giving the block as a gift to someone. It just gives a great impression and makes them feel even classier than before, if that’s even possible!

So what kind of photos are suitable for acrylic frames? The answer is just about anything! Wedding photos, favourite holiday shots, baby pictures, family portraits, pets… take it from us, it all looks great! What’s more, right up until the end of 2014 we’re giving you a 10% discount on our acrylic photo frames. Just enter the voucher code FOTO10a in the shopping basket and it will knock 10% off. Grab yourself a framed acrylic print now and dig out those pictures for your friends gifts before the coupon expires!

We also offer the wall mounted acrylic prints which come in much bigger sizes and are ideal for decorating your interior walls with. You can read more about our larger acrylic art on our acrylic print page, or if you want to use our acrylic printing service you can upload your pictures on our personalised acrylic art page. As an added note, you may have heard of perspex prints or perspex photo frames – these are essentially the same as our acrylic art but we use acrylic instead of perspex.

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