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Canvas Wall Art Prints

All the artwork you see in the Fotoviva collection is available to purchase online printed on canvas. Canvases provide a great medium for displaying images on your walls and make the artwork stand out from the wall unlike the conventional framed prints you can buy. One of the most popular forms of wall art, canvases are great value for money and come ready to hang on your wall.

So what’s so great about canvas prints?

  • An affordable way to buy art for your walls
  • Ready to hang – no need for framing
  • Colours will not fade for many years
  • Lovely natural weave texture on real canvas
  • Suits any home interior design
  • Light wooden frames – no heavy duty fixings required!

There are many reasons why prints on canvas are the ideal way to hang art on your walls, whether it be photographs from our collection, your own images or traditional art reproductions. You can print any image on canvas and the results are excellent.

Our quality canvas commitment

The stretched canvas art we offer is printed using modern printing technology and the highest specification materials so that our canvases conform to modern gallery standards and last a lifetime. The image is printed at high resolution onto traditional artists 100% cotton canvas with UV inks that are guaranteed fade resistant for 75 years. UV inks are pigment based and provide a better finish and durability over dye-sublimation based inks which some canvas printers use. Our canvas art is printed using the superior inkjet method, also known as ‘Giclee’ printing. Our state of the art printing process ensures both vibrancy of colour and fine-point detail. We also add a low vapour emitting acrylic coating to protect against scratches.

The canvas is professionally stretched and stapled to the back of a chunky 38mm deep, handmade wooden box frame. The wood we use for our canvas frames is sourced from sustainable forests which ensure great care is taken for the safety of wildlife and to preserve and protect the natural environment and its eco-system. The staples are covered and neatly finished with professional framing tape.

There are many online shops selling canvas prints and some are better than others. We are confident our photos on canvas quality is one of the best around thanks to the skills of our workers and the material we use. It takes a lot of expertise and knowledge to produce a truly great canvas print and everything is made here in the UK by our professional framers.

Our canvas printers give every finished canvas art a thorough quality inspection before going to despatch. If it doesn’t meet our quality control it doesn’t leave our premises. We want to ensure you receive your canvas without any faults.

Some of our wide panorama canvas art comes with cross bracing on the back to ensure the wooden frame retains its shape. This is not visible from the front but provides added protection for the canvas. All our canvases are ready to hang and are supplied with an attached fitting that you can use to hang on a nail or screw in your wall.

Each stretched canvas print also comes with tensioning wedges. These are small plastic wedges that fit in each corner of the wooden frame. As the cotton canvas is a natural material your canvas print may relax over time, creating a print that is not as tight as it originally was. Simply tap these wedges into the corners if this happens and your frame will be perfect once more. You shouldn’t need to do this but they are provided for peace of mind. This is a much better solution than the non-adjustable frames some canvas suppliers use. Changes in temperature can affect the stretcher bars over time and it is advised to read our Canvas Art Care section at the bottom of this page for getting the most out of your printed canvas.

Most of our canvas prints are Gallery Wrapped. This means that the image continues around the sides of the frame rather than just being printed on the front face of the canvas. Some of our smaller canvases are just printed on the front as too much of the image would be lost at smaller sizes. If you have a personal preference to your canvas print please let us know and we will do our best to please.

A professional canvas print company

The colours of the art prints you see on our site are matched as closely as possible in the printing process thanks to our regular calibration routines which ensure colour consistency across the board. Colours may vary from screen to screen but we do our best to make sure the final print is the best it can possibly be. It is advised to ensure your own monitor has a decent calibration which will give you an accurate representation of our artwork before buying.

When packaging your canvas wall art we ensure it is fully protected even for international deliveries. They are wrapped up safely in protective materials to ensure your canvas art is delivered to you in pristine condition. We use trusty couriers to deliver straight to your door. Although we state up to 14 working days are needed for the canvas wall art, we always aim to get it to you as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that our stretched canvas art is not manufactured in batches but they are made to order which takes time.

Postage is included in the price for UK deliveries. We do post our canvas wall art worldwide if required so if you need the artwork shipped overseas please contact us before ordering and we will let you know the added shipping cost. If you have any questions about our canvas prints please drop us a line on our contact page or call us and we will do our best to help.

Looking after your canvas print

Our canvas wall art prints are built to order in the UK using high-grade materials to ensure you get value for money and your canvases last for many years. To ensure the longest life for your canvas prints please read the advice below:

  • As with all art prints, keep your canvas away from direct sunlight as this can fade the colours and affect the frame with extreme temperatures and light.
  • Do not hang your canvas art in areas of extreme heat variations and humidity such as bathrooms or directly above radiators. If the relative humidity keeps on changing then the canvas will expand and contract.
  • If you find over time the wooden frame needs tensioning just use a hammer to gently tap the wedges into each corner on the inside of the canvas. All our canvases come with tensioning wedges as standard.
  • Canvas prints are not weatherproof so ensure you hang them inside the house.
  • To clean the canvas just use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Electrostatic dust cloths and feather dusters also work well. You shouldn’t need to dust more than once every few years. Our canvases have a UV varnish applied to them to provide a protective layer to the material and ink.
  • To remove dirt build up or splashes wipe very gently with a slightly damp soft cloth, then allow to dry. Never rub your canvas print too hard or continuously in the same area.

These are all suggestions for getting the most life out of your canvas wall art but you shouldn’t have any problems in reality if you follow these guidelines. Our canvases are well made and should last you for many years.

Hanging Your Canvas Art

Our canvases come ready to hang on your walls. All you need to do is fit a Rawl plug to your wall (or a sturdy nail deending on your wall material) and use the attached fitting to hang it on. Simple! Some of our panoramic canvases come with two fittings to help stabilise the canvas, as do our triptych canvas prints which have one fitting per section. For triptych canvas art we suggest a 3-4″ gap between panels but it really is up to your own preference.

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