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Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes

basename: tiger-eyes-tim-wallace-500x500.jpg

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Photographer: Tim Wallace
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Stare deep into the soul of a tiger and experience the raw power and natural beauty of the king of the jungle. This wall art strips the colour away to highlight the incredible details of a tiger, from the elegant fur patterns and symmetrical lines to the pin-sharp whiskers that look as though they are made of steel and could cut you in an instant. This great beast is a true king, one to be honoured and respected, not to be kept in a cramped zoo on in a circus. Tigers, like all creatures, need space and freedom in their natural habitat. They are masters at stalking their prey, using stealth instead of speed, and are one of the very few members of the cat family that are comfortable in water. Interesting fact: although they are known for stalking their prey, tigers can in fact run at up to 65km/h, so you’d better not go walking in the jungle at night!

Photography by Tim Wallace.

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