Capturing the Beauty of Autumn Colours

Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams by Jacky Parker

As the warm summer days begin to fade away we find the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping. Our minds turn to winter and the ensuing delights of Christmas, but before all that happens we have the wonders of Autumn to enjoy. This brings about a visual change to our world, with new colours across the landscape and temperatures that make those glorious barbecues seem like distant memories.

One of the most inspiring things about Autumn are the incredible colours this season brings with golden leaves and misty mornings that . The trees that were once full of green leaves now begin to wind down for the winter, shedding the leaves like a colourful carpet on the ground. A multitude of colours like a patchwork quilt are created with reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Catch them in the low sunlight of an early morning and they can look like pieces of artwork in their own right. Add a touch of frost and the images they produce really catch the eye.

Misty Trees

Misty Trees by Dirk Paessler

Forests and parks are transformed into new colour schemes, with blankets of leaves surrounding trees that begin to show their branches through the Autumnal change. Early mornings are colder and darker, with mists lying across the landscapes, especially along rivers and around the hills and mountains. If you get up early enough you will get to appreciate these magic scenes that Autumn produces before the sun comes up and burns the mists away.

Glenfinnen early frost

Glenfinnen by Graham Cormie

Jack Frost visits us on these early Autumnal mornings, bringing a sparkle and magic quality to our world. Grass and plants get covered in the white glitter and shine as the sun rises above the horizon. These moments are a photographers dream. Whether you are shooting for Instagram or just love to capture what nature produces, take your camera with you throughout Autumn – the colours and change of landscape can make for great photographs. I may be laughed at by pro photographers here, but even modern smartphones can capture great images these days, so if you are out walking the dog, take your iPhone with you and you’ll be surprised at what great images you can come back with!

Early Morning Mist

Early Morning Mist by Michael Veersingham

Not only are the Autumn mornings photogenic, but the evenings become a great source of inspiration for photographers and nature lovers. The sun is lower in the sky and the sunsets somehow seem more colourful. Of course the sun sets much earlier in Autumn and this is compounded by the clocks changing!

Magical Light

Magical Light by Martin Starkey

If you enjoy the wonderful landscape scenes that arrive with Autumn, you will find plenty of wall art to reflect those images in our collection. From early morning misty landscapes to frosty views and frozen lakes. Take a look through our art prints and find one that you fall in love with. With a choice of either canvas art, modern acrylic prints or fine-art posters, you can be sure to find the perfect wall picture for your home.

Loch Ard

Loch Ard by Peter Paterson

Peaceful Morning River

Peaceful Morning River by Jason Wickens

Autumn in Grasmere

Autumn in Grasmere by John Woodworth

Walking Dream

Walking Dream by Doug Chinnery

The Top Five Art Galleries In The UK

UK art gallery guide

The type of art you like can be deeply personal. You might be moved by classical paintings, portraits of religious figures, and perhaps tales from mythology. Here at Fotoviva we’re more into the photographic art side of things. Certain styles and colours may speak to you more than others.

There are also countless art categories ranging from contemporary, classical, abstract, to modern. The best way to discover art for yourself is to visit as many art galleries as you can. Europe is home to many amazing art galleries to start or continue your journey of artistic exploration. Here in the United Kingdom we have countless galleries that are worth seeing, most of which are free to enter. In this article, we will outline the top five art galleries in the UK. Continue reading

An Interview with Don Tiffney

Daybreak photographic print by Don Tiffney

Daybreak – Seascape wall art by Don Tiffney

Don was one of our first photographic contributors and has a large selection of images on the Fotoviva Art Store. He has just developed his new website to showcase the exceptional work he has made so we thought it a good time to have a chat with him and see what’s going on.

How long have you been taking photos and what is your camera history?
I have been taking photographs since my early twenties after winning a camera in a sales competition (I was in the motor trade), it was my first ‘proper’ camera a Yashica 35mm GSN rangefinder. I was severely lacking in technique but was very impressed with the quality images the camera was capable of and I set out to improve my picture taking ability.

Over the years I progressed to 35mm film SLR’s & medium format too, my images were nearly always slides and I still have a collection of several thousand that I periodically get out, dust down my projector & have a slideshow session!

I have a collection of vintage cameras (all working) from box Brownies, folders, medium format & of course I still own a Yashica 35mm GSN rangefinder which I last used a week ago. Some of the older stuff I have been trying out lately too (75+ year old cameras) as I have found a supplier of film for these in New York, it really does test your skills!  Continue reading

5 of the Best Inspirational Street Photographers

The very idea of ‘inspirational’ photography is somewhat misleading due to common misconceptions regarding how people are ‘inspired.’ The conventional definition of ‘inspirational’ art and messages focus on a positive feeling or insight the viewer walks away with. This is only part of the power of truly inspirational art. We are inspired to dig deep within ourselves both by positive and also ‘negative’ or, at the very least, ‘not so positive’ art. In fact, one could argue that art that makes us ill at ease or shocks us from our complacency is no less ‘inspirational’ than feel good images that appeal to our better angels. Indeed, the awkwardness, confusion, and, often, sheer discomfort we get from images and media often does a better job at triggering self-reflection that lead to positive action. For the purposes of this essay, we focus on this broader definition of ‘inspirational.’ The following five street photographers have a knack for framing images that challenge, confound, shock, and otherwise move us from the cozy confines of our comfort zones. They remind us of ideals we’ve left slip or afford us a peek at different corners of our world we’d rather not venture to. The images they present put us in a frame of mind that demands honesty and reflection. Continue reading

Award Winning Art Prints

Yet again one of our photographers has won a prestigious award for their work, this time it’s a very well deserved win for Tim Wallace and his stunning ‘San Francisco’ image. This great piece of photography won 1st prize in the Travel Photography category of the Professional Photographer of the Year competition. Sponsored by Professional Photographer Magazine, Tim fought off hundreds of entries from that category to win 1st place.

San Francisco Dawn by Tim Wallace

San Francisco Dawn by Tim Wallace

Here at Fotoviva Art Prints we have been representing Tim for many years now and whilst his usual imagery is of an automotive nature, occasionally he throws in something different which is of equal technical and creative brilliance. The San Francisco wall print is a unique piece of wall art which works perfectly as a canvas wall picture but also printed on acrylic.  Continue reading

A Guide to Hanging Split Canvas Prints

If you have bought a split panel canvas print you may be wondering about the best spacing to give the canvases when you hang them on the wall. Attaching a normal printed canvas picture is very easy, but when your image is split across 3 or more wooden frames, it becomes a little trickier. Here at Fotoviva Art Prints we have been making triptych canvases for many years and are considered by some as the leading canvas manufacturer in the UK, so before you go drilling holes in the wrong places we thought we’d share some tips to ensure your multi panel canvas has the most impact in your home or office space. A set of three canvas prints is not cheap, so let’s make sure you get it right! Continue reading

Revitalise Your Kitchen With Wall Art

Whether you are having a new kitchen installed, have just moved into a new house or just want to freshen up your kitchen design, buying some kitchen wall art is a great idea and can change the whole look of the room.

We tend to spend quite a lot of our time in the kitchen, whether we’re cooking up a lovely meal or doing the dreaded washing up! It can be the hub of family life in a home so why not beautify the room with some kitchen art prints. The colours and imagery of kitchen wall decor can brighten up the place and encourage a pleasing atmosphere for the living space. You never know, it may even inspire you to get those old cookery books out of the cupboard and spend more time in the kitchen! Continue reading

Using Floral Canvas Prints in Your Home

Nature has a special way of creating beauty in every corner of life. The natural colours, lines and patterns it creates can produce some of the most stunning scenes you will ever see. From rolling landscapes to forests and animals, nature brings us things we love to see. One of the best examples of this natural beauty are flowers, from beautiful red roses to delicate white lilies. Thankfully we can use floral canvas art to bring this beauty into our homes. Continue reading

Looking to Buy Office Wall Art?

Good! You have come to the right place at Fotoviva Art Prints. But before we show you why you should buy office art from us, let’s firstly take a moment to understand the principles of how and why to utilise wall art in the office.

Think of your place of work. Most people will visualise their office space as being somewhat drab and bland looking. Pretty grey and uninspiring huh? The trouble is we get so wrapped up in the day to day office tasks that things like office interior design gets lost or overlooked completely. The only time most businesses would buy office art is when they move in and decorate initially, which is a real shame because businesses can benefit from wall art in so many ways. Continue reading

Stunning Red Canvas Wall Art

Vasco Da Gama Bridge

Vasco Da Gama Bridge

What does the colour red do to you? Scientists say colours can influence our emotions and state of mind. Subconsciously colours have an effect on us that we may not register, it can be so subtle. So how about colours in interior design? Look around your rooms and if you have one which is predominantly based around one colour, how does that room ‘feel’. Red is supposed to be passionate, fiery and strong. Blues are more calming, along with white. Yellow tones can feel fresh and vibrant whilst greens also affect our psyche in a relaxing manner.

Most people have a favourite colour, and if yours is red then this article will be just the right one for you, especially if you are into interior design – whether as a profession or just for your own home decor. At Fotoviva Art Prints we have many pieces of wall art available and consequently many themed imagery and colour tones. Red wall art is a particularly popular style with our customers so let’s see what you can buy. Continue reading