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Dive into our gallery of Macro art and you will find yourself immersed in another world. Using dedicated macro lenses, our photographers have managed to capture the minute details of everything from colourful flower petals to tiny water drops. This is a world that is hidden from view to human eyes. Unless, of course, you buy one of our macro art prints as a large piece of wall art on canvas or acrylic!

The Macro Detail Will Astonish You!

Whether you are viewing one of these pictures on your wall as a macro canvas print or acrylic macro art you will be stunned by the fine detail you can see from the hidden world of nature. Marvel at the reflection of a flower in a water drop, or the hundreds of veins in a close-up picture of a leaf.

The Fotoviva Gallery of Macro Art Photography

With macro photography you will find depth of field is greatly reduced, meaning the background is blurred so the main elements of the image are nice and sharp. This helps lead the eye into the macro picture and creates a wonderful style of wall art. In the hands of a skilled macro photographer a macro lens can produce stunning imagery that is perfect for interior designs. Lose yourself in our macro art gallery and you will find a piece of special artwork that brings a touch of class to your home walls. We bring you these amazing wildlife images as canvas prints, acrylic art and poster prints.

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