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Woodland Fog

Woodland Fog

basename: woodland-fog-rick-bowden-500x500.jpg

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Photographer: Rick Bowden
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Escape from the city and work life, release all those stresses and find yourself again. Getting back into nature can have positive effects on so many levels and a walk through the woods is a perfect place to start. This wonderful image by Rick Bowden captures the sunlight streaming through woodland on a foggy winter morning. It’s a picture that could almost breathe fresh air into your home, sending nature’s purifying vibes straight into your room. Photographers love getting out into nature and exploring the landscapes because there is so much beauty across our world, but the other reason is because they feel the peace and good energy that nature expresses, whether they are aware of it or not. This photographic art piece is now available for your home or office printed on gallery wrapped canvas, modern acrylic or as a fine-art poster format.

Photography by Rick Bowden.

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