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Soft on Astrantia

Soft on Astrantia

basename: Soft-on-Astrantia-jacky-parker-500x500.jpg

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Photographer: Jacky Parker
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Soft on Astrantia is a perfect example of the style of photography we’ve come to expect from Jacky Parker, who specialises in stunning floral photo prints. The colours on this wall art are sublime and the soft focus delivers an almost abstract view of this beautiful flower. Perfect for kitchen walls, dining rooms, bedroom or living rooms – we’d go so far as to say you could hang this in any room of your house and it would add a touch of floral beauty that lifts the place. All you have to do is choose between a classic canvas print, poster or glossy acrylic framed print. The image speaks for itself and just goes to show why Jacky is an award-winning floral photographer.

Photography by Jacky Parker.

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