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Simply Stitchwort

Simply Stitchwort

basename: Simply-Stitchwort-jacky-parker-500x500.jpg

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Photographer: Jacky Parker
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This piece of floral wall art is a beautifully creative display that shows the wonderful Greater Stitchwort set against a textured blue background. Also known as Snapdragon, Star of Bethlehem and Wedding Cakes, the Stitchwort flower can be found in many countryside places such as woodland, hedgerows and verges. The delightful white flower blooms from April to June and can make the countryside come alive for those months. One particular oddity is that when the seeds ripen they make a popping sound which can be heard in late Spring. Our flower print is available as a fine art poster, floral canvas art or printed on the more modern acrylic format.

Photography by Jacky Parker.

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