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Cherry Plum Blossom

Cherry Plum Blossom

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Cherry Plum Blossom
Photographer: Jacky Parker
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As this lovely floral art print shows, the cherry plum tree produces a beautiful blossom in the early springtime, covering the trees with a delicate pink display that is a wonderful site in any garden. The blossom only lasts for a few weeks, being a prelude to the green or purple foliage that lasts through the summer months. Native to South-Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the Cherry Plum tree has now become naturalised here in the UK and is often grown as ornamental trees due to its early floral displays. From a wildlife perspective, the fruits are enjoyed by birds and the flowers are favoured by insects and bees. This art print, which has a wonderful pink colour theme, is available as a print on canvas, acrylic or fine-art poster for your walls. It’s ideal for kitchens, bedrooms or dining rooms.

Photography by Jacky Parker.

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