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basename: pier-wall-art-jonathan-chritchley-500x500.jpg

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* Please note this image does not reflect the actual printed size of the wall art.
Photographer: Jonathan Chritchley
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A simple title for a wall print that at first glance looks simple yet take the time to appreciate it an you will discover hidden depths to this black and white seascape photograph. A long exposure has been used to create a smooth, glass-like sea and a sky that almost blends in with the horizon. Jonathan Chritchley is a master of this type of black and white art and this is just another great example of the kind of work he inspires us with. Available here at Fotoviva Art Prints as a fine art poster print, canvas or printed on acrylic. It's a square format art piece that will suit any home or office environment. For more of Jonathan's pictures take a look at his art portfolio.

Photography by Jonathan Chritchley.

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